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Local elections 2022. What would be the success for Boris Johnson և Kir Starmer? |: Political news

Votes are being counted in a number of elections to help us assess the political fortunes of Boris Johnson’s Sir Kir Starman.

Or people voted for the local representatives who will be responsible for planning, housing and garbage collection, they Local government elections give voters the opportunity to express their views on national issues.

So what could be a good performance for either side? What could be a cause for concern?

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Loss of 350+ seats. This will show that the party has found itself in the rapid movement of the Labor Party, the Liberal Democrats.

Conservative MPs in the marginal “red wall” և southern constituencies will worry about the elections on the horizon.

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100-150 loss. The government will call this a “medium-term blues”, but it will confirm that the Conservatives are now lagging behind the Labor Party with popular support.

A small change. Comfortable position for the government at this stage of the parliament.

100-150 achievements. This will be a sign that the Conservatives are continuing to invade an unknown, formerly Labor area, as we saw in the 2019 21 2021 local elections.

This would be an excuse for Mr. Johnson’s probably strengthen his position on Downing Street.


Acquisition of 200+ mandates. The party’s best performance in local elections in at least a decade.

It will potentially pave the way for the Labor Party to become Westminster’s largest party, even if they do not have a single majority.

50-100 achievements. The progress of 2018, including, perhaps, the acquisition of some key target councils, such as Southampton և Wandsworth.

A small change. It’s disappointing for Sir Carey given the government’s plight, but it will offer a much stronger performance in the Red Wall than 2020 locals.

100-200 losses. 2021 again with support in parts of the urban North Midlands that are still vulnerable.

Which races should be followed?

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YouGov publishes forecasts before voting.

Below are the main local authorities to look out for, as well as the expected announcement time and some context to explain the importance of the tender.

YouGov results forecast, which was exclusively reported by Sky News on Wednesday, suggests Labor likely to advance on key battlefields but may struggle to win a significant number of new tips directly.

London Tips:

Barnet (0700)

The Conservatives are either in control or the largest party here since 1964. Labor hopes to shut down Thorin.

Baxley (0430)

The Tory Council for several years, but border changes reduced the number of seats from 60 to 45. Any achievement of the Labor Party will be encouraging for the party.

Bromley (1500)

The second council of the Tories in London, so the majority of the party should not be jeopardized. But as with Baxley, Labor will hope to make some inroads.

Croydon (2230)

The majority of Labor in the council may be in danger after a series of controversies over local government.

Hillingdon (0400)

It’s usually a trustworthy bulwark, but if Labor has a very good night, the blue majority may be in danger.

Kensington և Chelsea (0500)

One of the busiest neighborhoods in the capital, where Labor is tight in North Kensington and Conservatives are virtually unbeatable in South Kensington and Chelsea.

Wandsworth (0530)

Conservative-controlled since 1978, however, Labor recently won the most votes and now controls all three constituencies in the district.

Westminster (0300)

Less than two percent of the conservative Labor Party was last divided.

Metro District Councils

Barnsley (0700)

One of the districts that showed a sharp drop in Labor votes from 2018 to 2019. Penstown ոք The Stokesbridge Parliamentary constituency, which runs through Barnsley և Sheffield’s border, was occupied by the Tories from the Labor Party.

Birmingham (1600)

Labor received just over 50% of the vote four years ago and expects to meet this strong figure. The Conservatives won the 2019 Birmingham Northfield Parliamentary constituency.

Bolton (0200)

The Thorins won Bolton’s North American seat in 2019, but their work could end up matching last year ‘s results when some council seats were contested.

Burial (2030)

Labor expects to retain its narrow majority here if they repeat their 2018 results.

Dudley (0400)

A district that has been leaning towards the Conservatives for several years, so the number of seats the party can successfully defend will be carefully reversed.

Sandwell (0200)

Labor dominates the board here, but if the Tories repeat their work in 2021, they could cause problems.

Sheffield (0300)

The council is currently chaired by the Labor / Greens administration, and the real challenge for Labor will be from the Liberal Democrats.

Sunderland (0200)

Labor has a comfortable majority here, but lately it has been under pressure from both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Wakefield (1700)

The resignation of Imran Ahmad Khan, a member of parliament who has been convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy and announced his intention to appeal the verdict, means that the district will carefully withdraw before the next by-elections.

Walsall (1300)

The seven losses of the Conservatives here will lead to the party losing its overall majority.

Wolverhampton (0300)

The Conservatives won two parliamentary constituencies in the area in 2019. և The share of community votes will be more interesting than the number of seats won.

Unitary tips

Hartpool (0200)

A scene of victory in the Conservative by-elections on the same day as the 2021 local elections. It will be of great interest whether the Labor Party can make a strong speech and reaffirm its presence.

Kingston Hull (0330)

The Labor Party won a landslide victory in 2018 by a narrow margin, but the Liberal Democrats won a landslide victory.

Plymouth (0200)

This council saw a significant part of the Labor-Conservatives’s quarter of a century from the time it became a unitary government.

Portsmouth (0300)

Dependent council, whose voting is closed between the three main parties. After slipping back in the previous two rounds, the workers need a good result here.

Southampton (0300)

The government has been in fierce competition with the “conservatives” of the Labor Party. The Thorins have a two-man majority, with Labor still in control of the council.

District councils

Amber Valley (0200)

A former mining area that has been largely conservative since the turn of the century. Retaining the eight contested mandates this year will be a good result for the workforce.

Harlow (0200)

The Labor Party can control this council if it registers to run in this constituency.

Noniton եդ Bedworth (0400)

The workforce is experiencing a setback here, losing only control for the second time in 40 years in 2018.

South Cambridge (1500)

The Liberal Democrats are defending a healthy majority here, and the Conservatives also ran in the 2019 general election.

Stevenage (0230)

If Labor has any ambitions to win the next general election, this is an area where they need to show a high level of support.

Worthing (1400)

Receiving two additional seats պահպան retaining the current seats will give Labor a majority for the first time in the council’s history.

Local elections 2022. What would be the success for Boris Johnson և Kir Starmer? |: Political news

Source Local elections 2022. What would be the success for Boris Johnson և Kir Starmer? |: Political news

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