Lizzie Kandy claims that Megan Markle “ghosted” her, and Prince Harry says “weak.”

Lizzie Kandy Hit Megan Markle Branded her husband by “ghosting” her Prince Harry As “weak”.

Previous model, 53, recently She said she was helping Coleen Rooney over Wayne’s unfaithfulness, I first met the Duchess of Sussex in 2013 when she was still an actress starring in a lawyer showsuit.

The pair continued to talk and attended a charity dinner together in London, but soon left after accusing Lizzie of “ghosting” Megan as he approached Prince Harry.

Now, after reporting, Lizzie has launched a new attack on the couple. Rocky relationship between Harry and his father, Prince Charles, 73, because they “speaked very little” since he emigrated to the United States in 2020.

Lizzie Kandy attacks Megan Markle and Prince Harry

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“It’s no surprise that Prince Charles is disappointed,” Lizzie said. Sun. “Prince Harry was in a very privileged position. He was born to do what he should do as a prince.”

She went on to talk about Prince Harry and Megan’s claims. “Concerns” about how dark Archie’s skin color is.

Lizzie said: “He disappointed his family. It was shocking to say that there were racists in the royal family. Prince William came out and had to say that it wasn’t true.

Megan says Harry was
Lizzie said Megan “ghosted” her and branded Harry “weak.”

“Prince Harry is very weak and unattractive.”

With reference to some of the interviews they participated in, the television personality added:

“If they want to go away and be private, I hope they get well, but then stop all interviews.”

According to royal experts, the relationship between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie, and Jack Brooksbank is
Lizzie said royal couples should stop interviewing

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Charles was last seen in public with Harry at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh eight months ago, and the pair is said to have been in contact only through a few “terrible” calls since then.

Prince Charles “keeps a dignified silence,” sources said, because he fears that public cracks could affect his reign.

After Prince Harry said he “broke off” with Saudi Arabian tycoon Muffs Murray Mubarak bin Muffs, who received a CBE from Prince Charles in 2016 after donating millions of dollars to the Royal. It is said that things became even more difficult on Sunday, December 5th. Charity.

After Harry and Megan's explosive Opla interview, the father-son relationship deteriorated
Prince Charles and Harry “almost talked”

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

NS A friend of Prince of Wales said: “Charles was deeply shocked and disappointed by Harry’s latest statement, which effectively threw his father under the bus.

“This attack was more damaging than swiping Charles’ parenting skills, because it’s a challenge to his way of doing business and far more damaging to the future king.

“Attempts have been made to clean the air, but little has been said since the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.”

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Lizzie Kandy claims that Megan Markle "ghosted" her, and Prince Harry says "weak."

Source link Lizzie Kandy claims that Megan Markle "ghosted" her, and Prince Harry says "weak."

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