Liz Truss Faces Local Rebellion Over Anti-Natural ‘Growth’ Promotion Environment

Liz Truss said, “A dash for economic growth” about nature conservation and the environment.

senior party members, including lower ministers boris johnsonprime minister and former leader of the Tory Party William HaigI participated in national trust, RSPBMore, fishing trust When wildlife trust by criticizing what they see environmental vandalism.

That is why the truss is a major natural charity so-called “Anti-Growth Coalition” She claims to be faced with

As MPs return to Parliament, the Truss face Tory rebellion on several fronts in the wake of a chaotic party convention. The senator believes she is now a “congressional prisoner” unable to enforce controversial policies on taxes, welfare and immigration. increase.

Former Nature Minister Rebecca Pow, who resigned over Partygate, has spoken out against attacks on conservation groups. Former environment secretary George Eustis is said to be disappointed with the way the policies he championed are being dismantled.

Pau said Observer: “Governments need to involve all stakeholders, including farmers and NGOs, when formulating agricultural and environmental policies. I am a practitioner.

“As Minister of the Environment, I regularly consulted them in developing environmental law goals to improve and restore the environment. It was very important to achieve and put us on track for healthy ecosystems and sustainable food production.”

Conservation groups now mobilize millions of members to oppose Conservative policies.Local outlook as Conservative support collapses in polls conservatives Tory MPs returning to Westminster this week will be even more cautious by deserting en masse.

Latest Opinium Poll Observertaken after Disastrous Tory conference in Birmingham last weekrepresents the largest labor lead the company has ever recorded. kia starmers The party trails by 21 points, and Truss’ personal approval rating is the worst the company has ever recorded as prime minister.

truss used her conference speech Attack the “Anti-Growth Coalition,” including the Green Lobby.

Liz Truss, who campaigned for environment secretary in 2015: Environmental laws could be significantly cut under her plan. Photo: Graham M. Lawrence/Alamy

Wildlife groups are concerned that rare flora and fauna may lose protection when promised. “Bonfire” The amount of EU red tape will occur later this year. Species are also at risk from government plans to set up new investment zones.of the truss growth plan Environmental laws could be significantly reduced to facilitate development in these areas, he said.

No 10 promises to protect the environment, but makes no specific guarantees. A region of outstanding natural beautya place of special scientific interest, or national nature reserveNor does it state that rare animals will be protected from development in investment areas.

Angling Trust’s Martin Salter said: The RSPB, Rivers Trust, National Trust and Wildlife Trust represent over 10 million voters. Add in the millions of anglers and the countless others who are appalled to see rivers polluted and green spaces permanently destroyed, and you have created a massive coalition of concerns. . Liz Truss It would be good to heed the advice of former Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who warned of the dangers of breaking promises to protect rivers and the natural environment. “

Liz Truss’ ‘Grow, Grow, Grow’ Speech Heckled by Protesters – Video

Wildlife Trust Chief Executive Officer Craig Bennett said: Putting the economy and the environment against each other is a step back into the outdated and failed ideological thinking that has put us in this mess, not what we need to get out of it. was elected to the government with a promise to leave the environment in a better state. You don’t have the right to vote to do the opposite. “

Hague, on the other hand, recently wrote: we hope

“Importantly, it also illuminates misconceptions about the future of growth. The big prizes for growth in the coming decades will go to cities that breathe, the trees that help them and the wildlife that proves it.” The Truss government has also caused outrage and turmoil in rural Britain. Reviewing agricultural payment schemes after Brexitenvironmental land management schemes.

This was also to pay farmers to farm sustainably and to create wildlife habitat. The scheme took him six years to create with contributions from wildlife groups and farmers. Many farmers have taken part in pilot schemes and changed their ways of working to qualify for funding.

Some in the agricultural industry have complained about elements of the scheme, such as low incentives for upland farmers, but the paperwork has been difficult and the government has gone into detail about how future elements will be covered. was not I was ready for change.

Many were shocked and outraged to learn that the government planned to review six years of work in six weeks without warning.

The Labor Party is now drawing up a rural policy and nature policy list, emphasizing its defense of conservation groups that the government is attacking.

Shadow Environment Secretary Jim McMahon said:

“Workers are the right thing to do for our planet, but also because our natural and coastal hotspots are the engine of jobs, economic growth and well-being in our great nation. We believe in protecting and enhancing our natural environment.”

Commenting on the government’s stance on nature, Sarah McMonagle, deputy director of campaigns and policy for rural charity CPRE, said:

“Over the years, Defra has been constructively involved in the environmental sector, and it is important that we continue to do so.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “Environment, agriculture and economic growth go hand in hand and we want to help farmers produce quality food and improve the natural environment. We have no intention of abolishing agricultural reforms, including environmental land management schemes.We are committed to halting the decline of nature by 2030 and will continue to fulfill our obligations to the environment in our pursuit of growth. will not be lost.” Liz Truss Faces Local Rebellion Over Anti-Natural ‘Growth’ Promotion Environment

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