Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall bags the first major solo collaboration with top DJs

JADE THIRLWALL is working 24 hours a day to ensure she succeeds solo, just weeks after Little Mix announces the hiatus.

I found out that she already has a top collaboration. DJ and producer Jax Jones.


Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall wrote a dance track with DJ Jax Jones and won top collaborationCredit: Getty


Jacks slipped their song and said, “We wrote something really cool.”Credit: Getty

He hopes it helps the top of her charts.

Jax, whose latest single with Sinead Harnett, Phases, appears on the Pokémon: 25 Years album, looks back on their songs and says: Express musically.

“I was in the studio with Jade. She’s very cool and talented. She’s also very fun to be around.

“We wrote something really cool, and hopefully it will come out.”

I previously revealed that Jade had a high degree of discussion with Atlantic Records after impressing the industry boss with solo music, Little Mix bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards It is also believed to be thrashing deals to start their solo career.

Music officials said: “Jade is very enthusiastic about new music and people who listen to the track say it sounds great.

“Jade had already met and talked to Sony, but was really impressed by the Atlantic Ocean. All the signs show that she’s going with them. She had a top secret meeting with them. And it’s all really positive. “

He also talked about how Jade was snapped by full stop management. The same company responsible for making Harry Styles a superstar after One Direction has gone on different paths.

If she plays her card correctly, I don’t know why Jade can’t follow in the footsteps of fellow Jordy Cheryl to become a national lover.

Unlike Cheryl, I hope she won’t whiplash dietary supplements online within a few years.

How to sew in a hurry

GRIFF marveled at her fashion and music after wearing a series of red carpet outfits she designed and made herself.

However, Brit’s singer-songwriter admits that she is so in demand that she has little time to remove the needle and thread after removing the sketch pad.


Brit’s singer-songwriter, Glyph, wore a series of red carpet outfits he designed and made.Credit: Getty

She told me: “I try to sew my clothes, but the busier I get, the less I can do. Things are the best way I’ve ever been and I’m very busy. In contrast to last year. Like being thrown into the deepest part. I feel like it.

“If you don’t make your own costumes, we support young designers.”

Wild Thames Harry

The romance of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde may not have been possible when it was released just a year ago, but things are getting hot.

I found out that they are taking the next step in romance. Harry is approaching his two children with actor Jason Sudeikis. He also took Olivia to meet another woman in his life, his devoted mother, Anne.

According to one source, “This looked pretty flashy at first, connecting two fascinating people, but now it’s clearly more than that.

“They were a little absent at first, but now that things are more calm, it’s a good time to do the following:

“It’s really exciting for them, and for Harry, it’s the most serious he’s ever really done about someone.”

Harry has long had a reputation as a female man. An attractive woman keeps one of the most qualified bachelor’s degrees in the entertainment world up to date.

But it looks like he may have finally met his match.

Madonna Tory Row

MADONNA accused rapper Tory Lanez of ripping her song from Into The Groove.

He sampled his track Pluto’s Last Comet’s 1985 hit on his album Alone At Prom.


Madonna accused rapper Tory Lanez of ripping her song from Into the GrooveCredits: Madonna / Instagram

Madonna left a comment on the Tories Instagram, claiming that his use of the song was “illegal.”

Canadian rapper Tories is also said to have shot at Megan Thee Stallion’s feet after the 2020 party.

Madonna seems to have the least worries so far.

Lucy was hit by a provocation of hatred

LUCY Spraggan has remained upset after being victimized by homosexual abuse since the end of the blockade restrictions.

The X Factor singer had to escape from the gig this month after the woman verbally beat her, but she said it also tended to be worried about leaving the stage.

Lesbian Lucy said in an exclusive chat: “I have never been abused for homosexuality in my life, but after breaking out of the blockade, there were four separate incidents.

“And for no reason, a man called me” slug “on the train. I feel that something has changed and I feel it at the current show. “

Lucy said another man shouted a slur to her and her girlfriend during the summer.

She recalled: “I played the Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall. After that, I was walking with my girlfriend and a few friends, and the guy turned around, holding hands and looking at us,” D * * es! “

“We looked at each other just like” what? ” The nature of the people sitting in their homes on their computers for two years where you can comment without results. .. .. It flowed into the outdoor society. “

Happy Snooze Year, Westlife

They used to be known for their barbaric behavior on the streets, but Westlife now prefers early nights in bed with kappa rather than shots until dawn.

In exclusive chats with young people such as Nicky Byrne, Markus Feehily, Shane Filan, and Kian Egan, I find New Year’s Eve early sleep more and more attractive after they have been caned for years. I talked to.


Westlife reveals that early New Year’s Eve sleep is becoming more and more attractive after years of caningCredit: Matt Hollyoak

Nicky said: “I’m going to bed at 12:10 pm on New Year’s Eve. I’m going to go to bed after the fireworks and countdown. That’s great.”

Mark added: “My dream is to sleep before 12 o’clock and just sleep. I want to do it. My friend did it a few years ago and I thought it was weird, but now I have it I think there’s something. “Shane agreed to be in the club at midnight and chimed:

“When we were 20/21, we always said we would spend the New Year in Australia, so maybe we should finally do it next year.”

I have a hard time seeing awakening in 2022 after last month’s Christmas party.

Cardi B designer boots

CARDI B has the perfect shoes for Glastonbury next year, so I hope she will show up.

US rappers wore these designer boots along with the North Face jacket for a basketball game in Atlanta, Georgia.


Cardi B wore these designer boots for a basketball game in Atlanta with his rapper’s husband, Offset.Credits: Getty Images-Getty

She and her Migo’s rapper husband Offset, also at Wells, wore a shaded face mask to watch the game. It lasted for a few busy days, including the celebration of Offset’s 30th birthday in LA.

Next year, Cardy’s second studio album and her new job as Playboy’s creative director, the magazine logo Mega Bling Necklace, are expected to be action-packed.

It’s been a few years since she visited the UK, so fans should expect her to finally succeed in 2022.

Paul’s Pole Star Party

I’ve been to pretty surreal parties while I was in charge of Bizarre, but nothing on SEAN PAUL’s wild nights.

The rapper won the American Music Awards in 2006 and was the first to open about returning to Paris Hilton’s home. She and Paul of Britney Spears danced for him while he was high.


Rapper Sean Paul opened about his wild nightCredit: duttypaul / Instagram

Sean won the Best Rock / Pop Male Gong at the Awards Show.

In an exclusive chat, he told me: “I was behind the scenes and Paris approached me and said,’It’s hot.’

“We went to a party, and it was crazy. It was on the hill of this huge house. I was smoking and drinking next to these pizzas piled up on the roof. I I’m standing in front of a stripper pole next to the kitchen when I’m rolling a twig.

“Then I think Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie were in front of me.

“I was rolling my twigs there and they were on poles spinning around in a circle, and I’m like” this is crazy “.

“These three famous women were on the stripper poles in the kitchen when I was rolling the twigs. Then Flavor Flav approached me and made me bigger.

“It was hard to see Britney and Paris on that pole. They weren’t stripped – if so, it would have been even more special. It was one of those crazy nights.”

Sean wants his own show to be just as wild when he starts his UK tour in April.

The Scorcha tour will begin on April 11th and will visit nine venues nationwide. I think my invitation must have been lost in the post.

Jesy Nelson shouted to Little Mix’s bandmates to “get a grip” in an awkward tour video

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall bags the first major solo collaboration with top DJs

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