Linda Robson needs to return to Glasgow after leaving her passport

Linda Robson endured 800 miles to and from Glasgow after leaving her passport to Glasgow.

Linda, who lives in Islington, London with her husband Mark Dunnford, had to postpone her vacation because she left her vacation behind.

However, after “blood sweat and tears,” the 63-year-old finally reunited with her official document, which she said was “very pleasant.”

Linda proudly holds her passport, shares her photo on Instagram, and writes: I followed my steps all day yesterday and spent all my time in Glasgow, where I and my passport reunited today! And it feels very good.

After leaving Scotland, Linda Robson had to trek to Scotland to get a passport.

“Thanks to Amanda and the BA staff for their greatness, but I can’t thank them enough. Tomorrow will be one day late and off for the holidays.”

Since then, Loose Women’s panelists have been flooded with comments wishing her a happy holiday. Drag Queen Ginny Lemon writes: Another one of Linda’s 136,000 followers said, “Enjoy the holidays,” followed by a red heart emoji.

As another said, the third commented, “Everyone is having a great holiday. Hope some nice n hot hun and enjoy xx.”

Linda had to postpone her vacation for a day after losing her passport

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Linda became a popular name on ITV after joining the Loose Women panel in 2012, but a 63-year-old woman starred in the 80’s hitcom Birds Of A Feather with Pauline Quirke and Lesley Joseph. It became famous for appearing in.

Following the show, which will end permanently in May 2021. Linda was forced to dismiss rumors that she and her co-star Paulin had dropped out.

Branding the rumors as “codswallop”, Linda explained to the sun on Sunday: “Don’t notice you heard about me and Pauline falling. It’s a load of old nonsense.”

Feather bird first aired in 1989

Addressing the fact that Pauline was unable to attend the Birds of a Feather reunion, she added: She wants to focus on the acting academy, that’s it.

“We’ve known each other since we were ten. We’re friends. Will Pauline return to the show? I don’t know.

“I know the Christmas specials really worked. ITV was really, really happy.”

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Linda Robson needs to return to Glasgow after leaving her passport

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