Lily McFadden reveals that she is a witch and is practicing spells throughout the lockdown

Lily McFadden reveals that she practices magic and uses spells and tarot cards on a daily basis.

Speak exclusively OK!, Lily, her parents Kerry Katona And Brian McFaddenSays she began experimenting with spells around the beginning of the first blockade after discovering the pagan symbol on the tree she took as a sign. And now she says she regularly meets fellow witches.

“I was born as an Irish Catholic, but I’ve always been attracted to spells and crystals,” said an 18-year-old woman. I turned down Love Island this year,teach.

“At the beginning of the first blockade, I was really struggling. Like everyone else, I found it very difficult and was looking for something to make me feel better. I remember going to the woods, and I was actually drawn into this a road I’ve never descended. There was this tree with a small fire burning. There was no one around, but the tree There was a pagan symbol on top. It felt like a sign, so I went back and looked it up. And it took me to the rabbit hole in Wicca. I think it’s a very beautiful religion. I noticed that it’s incredibly spiritual. “

Lily is determined to change people’s perceptions of her religion

Now Lily is determined to change people’s perceptions of religion.

“It’s so sad because it’s so misunderstood. It has such a negative implication of what witchcraft is. It’s all like” an evil woman is burned at the stake “and” it’s the devil. It’s my job. ” But it’s actually a wonderfully kind and good religion, “she says. Is called.

“I use all kinds of spell jars and candle spells, for personal growth, for a good night’s sleep, for protecting my family, and so on.

“So I didn’t curse anyone. It comes back to me in a big way. It’s a very unique path for every witch. You do what you want, but always kindness and goodness. I will practice the curse. “

Kerry Katona and her daughter Lily McFadden visit the Doll Beauty Salon headquarters in Chester.
Lily makes daily spells and affirmations to protect her family, including her mother Kelly

“I don’t wear a pointed hat, but I love the lunar water. I love dancing and cleansing in the rain. That makes a big difference in my life,” she said. Continues.

“I also read cards. I have tarot cards in my house. I use a lot of herbs. I use about 50 kinds of herbs and dried powder in spells. Herbal magic I love it.”

And Lily reveals that she meets fellow witches almost every day since she began practicing religion!

“You can’t believe how many of us are there,” she explains. “And you won’t know that, but many of your friends, family and witches. I’m walking down the street and just find them. And I ask,” Are you a witch? ” I will. And every time they say so! In a recent photo shoot with my mother, I met three or four witches on that shoot alone. “

Karam gave Lily some crystals from his store
When she heard she was a fan of witchcraft and spirituality, Karam gave Lily some crystals from his store.

In a very flashy twist, Lily, who describes herself as “empathy,” was sent a crystal by her mother’s companion, Calum Best, when she first began her quest for spirituality.

“I was in Spain, famous for witchcraft, but I was shopping during the Siesta period, so I couldn’t find a full-fledged witchcraft store where I could get crystals!” Says Lily.

“So there’s a store in Column called Aura that sells a lot of such things. He was a friend of mom and sent me some! Very nice! They are absolutely beautiful. “

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Lily McFadden reveals that she is a witch and is practicing spells throughout the lockdown

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