Lily Haynes of Love Island reveals that she had nose surgery after saying it was her “biggest insecurity”

Island of love‘s Lily Haynes she told her fans on social media that she had nose surgery, saying “everything went well”.

The 23-year-old became famous on the ITV2 show last year after a kiss Liam Reardon at Casa Amor and then later reported the shocked news Miley Court.

Explaining that her nose has always been her “biggest insecurity”, she shared the news with fans on Instagram that she is going to Manchester to have a rhinoplasty.

Posting her story on Instagram, Lily without makeup smiled at fans in a surgical gown while clutching a fluffy toy before surgery.

She also posted a photo of herself watching TV at the hospital and thanked the fans for their good wishes.

Lily told fans that she had a nose job on social media

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She said: “I’m out of surgery now! Everything went well and I’m fine. I’ll try to get back to as many messages as I can, great love x.”

She told her followers: “This is my biggest insecurity and it has been so long.

“When I had my first phone call with my mother after Love Island, one of my first questions was” what are the comments on my nose “…

Living this way is not healthy for me and although it doesn’t stop me from going out and living life, I think that after being happy with myself in the outer shell, the real happy lily can finally live freely . “

Chaos ensued at the Love Island villa in Casa Amor when sparks were transferred between Lily and Liam, something only discovered later by the weeping Millie.

Lily reveals that her nose is “her biggest insecurity”

However, Lily did not allow Liam to get away easily and admitted to Millie in front of all the other islanders that Liam was not perfect during the “men’s party” at Casa Amor, and revealed that the couple had kissed a handful of times.

After leaving the villa, she briefly met her other islander, Jack Barlow, after the show ended.

However, things between the couple evaporated, with Lily confirming that their separation was OK! In October last year

Lil told OK! “It all started there and we met a little at home.”

Love Island winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon had a very awkward meeting with Lily Haynes in Sunday’s episode of the Aftersun Gathering

Jack and Lily were spotted holding hands on an evening out in Manchester in late August, sources at the time said they “liked each other’s pants”.

However, Lily and Jack’s busy schedules eventually got in the way, as did the distance, as Lily lives in Newcastle while Jack lives in Sussex.

Lily explained, “I’m the northernmost you can get, and he lives as far south as you can get, so … everyone’s so busy and it’s hard to maintain a relationship, and I think when you’re going through something so big because we’ve all had such a great summer, it’s just nice to breathe a little. ”

“He’s a wonderful boy, I can’t blame him. It’s a pity, but it wasn’t meant to be. “

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Lily Haynes of Love Island reveals that she had nose surgery after saying it was her "biggest insecurity"

Source link Lily Haynes of Love Island reveals that she had nose surgery after saying it was her "biggest insecurity"

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