Lilan Clark introduces his 6 packs, following an impressive fitness transformation

Lyran Clark After discovering that fitness helped improve his mental health, he made impressive physical changes.

Lyran, 33, broke up with her husband, Dan Neil, earlier this year. He spoke frankly about how hard he struggled after their division.

It Takes Two host then “Dangerously thin”But since then, after teaming up with Scott Harrison, he’s packed a pound of muscle mass.

Lyran, standing at 6 feet 4, fell below 10 stones after breaking up.

Lylan’s brother continued to encourage him to reach out, and the pair has since become a “best friend.”

Lylan cut out a tight figure after training with Scott Harrison

Lyran put four stones on his muscle mass
Lyran put four stones on muscle mass

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33 years old said Sun: “When I started to feel more about myself, I wanted to be more confident in my body.

“My brother recommended Scott and we became best friends. It was great. This is not the ultimate goal — it’s just Phase 1.

“Getting in shape and taking care of my body saved me. Fitness has given me a goal.”

Lylan evaluated his fitness regime for improving his mental health.

“It’s done for my mental health rather than my body, which is strange to say because you can physically see the changes in your body,” he explained.

Lyran Clark has worked hard with fitness guru Scott Harrison.
Lyran works hard with fitness guru Scott Harrison

“For my head, it was the best pastime, and at the same time a way to release a lot of emotions and focus on things other than what’s happening around me.”

He continued. “Last year I lost myself properly. I wanted to get me back and make a better version.”

Lyran continues to train with fitness guru Scott Harrison
Lyran and Scott have been good friends ever since

Lyran looks undeniably great, but he admitted that the part he eats was so difficult that it wasn’t easy for the TV host to change.

To get to where he is now, he had to eat nine times a day and consume a lot of protein.

Scott also had Lylan cut alcohol from his diet, but he often “falls off the wagon” and admitted to treating himself with a glass of wine.

Following the split from Dan, it wasn’t just Lylan’s appearance that he changed. 33 years old Debuted new hair and new teeth when he appeared in Lorient last week.

A former X Factor star told Lorraine Kelly that he was experiencing a “midlife crisis.”

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Lilan Clark introduces his 6 packs, following an impressive fitness transformation

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