Lightfoot appoints SaaS leader as new president


Fleet Coaching Technology and Rewards Platform Lightfoot announced that Bob Mann, leader of Software as a Service businesses, has been named president of the Devon-based green technology company.

Currently president of Openbravo,, Social Value Portal, ethiXbase and board member of Zift, Mann is recognized as a pioneer in the SaaS space.

He previously managed the European operations of several US software companies, including Siebel Systems, and quickly transformed Relayware, now part of Zift, into a leading provider of SaaS solutions globally, providing services to improve channel performance and accelerate revenue growth.

Mann’s appointment will help Lightfoot deliver on its ambitious growth plans, broaden its offering to fleets in the UK and beyond and solidify its reputation as a disruptor in the fleet management industry. His experience in optimizing operational efficiency within companies is also considered an important resource.

Already in partnership with clients in Germany, Lightfoot plans to roll out its real-time in-booth coaching and rewards platform across broader EMEA markets before expanding into wider international territories.

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“Bob has invaluable experience helping technology companies grow at speed and scale, both nationally and internationally,” said CEO Rupert Lyon Taylor. “Bob’s experience in the SaaS industry is unrivaled and will prove to be a huge advantage as we move to develop the business in this direction.

“Currently, our in-cabin coaching device is perfectly suited for the ICE and EVs retrofit market and for decarbonising the fleet agenda, but we are always looking forward to including the integrated SaaS solutions of the future. This will enable us to provide coaching for SaaS drivers and rewards in next generation vehicles, making our technology future-proof. ”

Mann added: “Lightfoot is extremely exciting in the ESG and transportation field. In a world where geopolitics is making the price of fuel a real headache for organizations and where companies must take steps to reduce their impact on the environment, Lightfoot offers a solution that reduces fuel consumption and counteracts the current decarbonisation agenda.

Fleets may not be able to switch to electric vehicles tomorrow, but they can deliver significant fuel and emissions reductions through the adoption of Lightfoot technology. And when the time comes for a change, they will find that their drivers are preconditioned for an EV-ready, smoother and range-extending driving style; all because Lightfoot focuses on motivating and rewarding drivers to be better. “

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Mann is the third high-profile hire for Lightfoot so far this year. In March, Neil Warman joined the company as CFO, followed by Paul Hollick, president of the Association of Fleet Professionals, who joined as chief executive.

The senior appointments follow Volpi Capital’s investment in Lightfoot in 2021. This has enabled the company to advance research and development of new products, providing the ICE and EV fleets with solutions that reduce costs and environmental impact; enabling companies to achieve their ESG and Net Zero goals faster.

Proven to reduce CO2 and fuel consumption by up to 15%, Lightfoot’s driver-led approach engages and enables drivers to transform the way they drive for the benefit of the planet and themselves. Through a reward in exchange for a smoother and safer ride, the individual wins and companies reach their decarbonisation goals sooner. Effective on both ICE and electric vehicles, Lightfoot allows vehicles to travel further with a tank or charge, all through positive driver engagement, rewards and in-cab coaching.

The transition to electric vehicles that fleets are undertaking has only strengthened Lightfoot’s proposition to customers. New challenges for fleets such as where to deploy electric vehicles, managing charging charges and charging behaviors can be addressed by Lightfoot in a single solution. Therefore, Lightfoot manages today’s ICE fleet seamlessly with tomorrow’s electric vehicle fleet.

Lightfoot also reduces fault accidents by up to 40% and wear costs by up to 45%. It is this rich combination of benefits and savings that causes CFOs and CEOs to sit down, take note and take action.

Its vehicle dash-mounted device works in conjunction with the Lightfoot reward app. This shows where drivers rank in the leagues and rewards those who reach the target elite driver level by unlocking access to a series of prize draws. This includes the Drivers Lottery, where drivers can win up to £ 100 each week and have a one in ten chance of winning cash prizes. As a result, Lightfoot’s fleet management solutions have transformed the concept of fleet driver engagement, which has been shown to directly improve driver safety and performance.

Lightfoot has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the market, including Virgin Media, Tesco, Asda, Dixons Carphone, and South West Water.

Lightfoot appoints SaaS leader as new president

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