Liberty Pool admits not to be shy to wear the Dancing on Ice costume

“I wore a bikini for 24 hours at Love Island!” Liberty Pool claims to be shy to wear “exposed” outfits for the Dancing on Ice.

She became famous ITV2Bikini show, Love island..

When Liberty pool, 22 may have replaced the sunny beach with a chilly ice rink, but still admitted that she wouldn’t stop wearing “exposed” outfits. Dancing on ice, on Sunday.

Former Love Islander made fun of the skimpy outfits lined up for a stint at the competition while preparing to ride the ice.

“I wore a bikini for almost 24 hours at Love Island”: Liberty Pool, 22, admitted she wasn’t ashamed to wear a “obviously” dancing on ice outfit on Sunday.

Liberty admitted that fans of the show could expect eye-catching outfits as she confessed that everyone was “excited” to see her ensemble.

Talking to the sun, she says:

“I’ve tried it so far and I really like it. It was very beautiful. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Bold! She states: “The Dancing on Ice costume is clear, but it feels more modest than the bikini I spent nearly 24 hours a day on Love Island.”

Liberty revealed that the viewer will see another aspect of personality in her lively first routine.

She added: I think that’s my secret weapon in the show. ”

The reality star was paired with a rookie Joe Johnson, 27. To her management Love island Last summer’s villa.

Best Friend: She was paired with 27-year-old rookie Joe Johnson after finding fame in a villa on Love Island and then telling her management that it would be her perfect job.

Liberty said something new!Magazine: I got a call [from Dancing on Ice] On my birthday, I was very excited. As a kid who grew up watching the show, you never think you’ll be attending it someday.

“I always liked to ice skate with my friends. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t good at it, but I used to like going to Christmas.”

BMX Olympic silver medalist Key White (22), Paul Gascoigne’s son Regan Gascoigne (25), Vamps Connor Ball (25) and Rugby Star will be competing in the new Dancing on Ice series. I’m Ben Forden (36 years old) and Paralympian Stefanie (37 years old). ..

Other celebrities participating include presenter Leah Hebden (38), pop star and actress Kimberly Wyatt (39), singer Rachel Stevens (43), and professional dancer Brendan. Includes Cole (45), Happy Mondays dancer Bez (57), and Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor (58).

Dancing on Ice 2022: Who are the celebrities?


Year: twenty two

Profession: Olympic BMX Rider

Key says: “I’m very competitive and I want to see if I can play the finals.”

Rachel Stevens

Year: 43

Profession: singer

Rachel says: “It feels really real right now, this is really happening. I’m very excited and obviously really nervous.”


Year: twenty two

Profession: Love Island Star

Liberty says: “I sometimes do ice skating as a hobby, so I can go around the rink, but I can’t do tricks.”

Stefanie Reid

Year: 36

Profession: Paralympics

Steph says: “I’m going to be a Dancing on Ice contestant. I’m a little scared, but I can’t wait!”

Regan Gascoigne

Year: 26

Profession: singer

Regan says: “I love dancing, but that’s this skill. I’ve always wanted to do it. Always! Since I was a kid!”

Kimberly Wyatt

Year: 39

Profession: The Pussycat Dolls singer

Kimberly says:’I’m looking forward to what I can do there. I will challenge! “

Brendan Cole

Year: 45 45

Profession: Dancer

Brendan says: “I’ve been doing shows for quite some time, so I want to get started. I’m very excited to be in the show.”

Ben Foden

Year: 36

Profession: Rugby player

Ben says: “I like the idea of ​​learning new sports and new skills. I am also quite competitive.”

Sally Dinevol

Year: 58

Profession: Coronation Street Actress

Sally says: “This is a big challenge. I’m scared! I have to take every opportunity.”


Year: 57 57

Profession: Happy Mondays

Bez says: “I’m always trying and I’m already training on the ice.”

Leah Hebden

Year: 36

Profession: Presenter

Leah says: “It would be great to learn new and terrifying skills.”

Connor ball

Year:twenty five

Profession: Vamps Bassist

Connor says:’I’m obviously excited, but I’m really nervous. I’m pretty clumsy and prone to accidents. “


Liberty Pool admits not to be shy to wear the Dancing on Ice costume

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