Liam Riadon pretends to propose to Millie Court on a romantic Maldivian holiday

Milly coat Share a series of hilarious Instagram posts showing her boyfriend Liam Riadon Pretend to propose to her.

Couple have Enjoying a luxurious holiday in the Maldives, It’s the first time they went abroad together Winner of the hit ITV date show Love Island.

On the last day of her one-week stay, Millie shared a hilarious photo of Liam kneeling on one knee and reaching out as if proposing.

“This photo hurt me badly,” Millie shared. “I set the timer and told him to do something immediately before the timer expired, we were cracking down.”

Millie Court shared a hilarious moment pretending to be Liam Riadon’s proposal

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She continued: “This is our humor. He wasn’t a serious hahaha at all. I caught my reaction live. I’ll show you next,” he cried with a laughing emoji.

The star then urged his followers to come up with the “best caption” before sharing the clip for that moment.

In Millie’s short video, Liam wore a striped shirt in white shorts as he knelt on one leg and reached out.

In the clip, Milly slaps Liam’s hand and runs away.

The beautiful blonde woman clapping her hands while running towards the camera and laughing. She captioned this: “clapping his hand and running away,” followed by crying with a laughing emoji.

The final photo shows the pair sharing a sweet kiss, she writes: I’ll read my favorite caption in the suggested photo, take a screenshot and repost it, “they cried with a laughing emoji.

She added, “The men of the night! We are sending a lot of love from both of us,” along with the blue heart emoji.

Millie asked the fans to put out an interesting caption

Maldives was Millie and Liam’s first vacation

Recently, Millie and Liam They experienced the argument that they “screamed at each other”, He also posted some beloved photos in their feed, saying, “What a wonderful first vacation with you. We in the Maldives. [white heart emoji] you. “

Chloe Burrows, a fellow islander, immediately commented. As Kaz Kamwi said, “Oh, mom and dad.” With a red heart emoji.

Lucinda Strafford then wrote the blue heart emoji “You cuties” and Gabby Allen wrote the white heart emoji “Vcute”.

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Liam Riadon pretends to propose to Millie Court on a romantic Maldivian holiday

Source link Liam Riadon pretends to propose to Millie Court on a romantic Maldivian holiday

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