Liam Payne gives a rare insight into co-parenting ex-Sheryl and his son Bear

Liam Payne Gave me a rare insight into co-parenting my son Bear with a former partner Cheryl..

Talk to One show On Thursday, 28-year-old Liam talked about how chickens were brought to bear school for children to see.

He said: “I went to Cheryl next week to see the bear, she was like this: [at school]..

“Can you guess the name of the chicken that was brought to see your son?”

Liam paused for effect before revealing: “Chicken was called a nugget.

“Fortunately, he didn’t click on me, albeit great, but it was a bit on the edge, right?”

Liam shared a hilarious story about a chicken named Nugget

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The star also shared plans to treat his son Bear for a private screening of his new movie.

Liam talked about the “work benefits” of welcoming Bear to the first “appropriate movie experience” in his movie “Ron’s My Pon.”

“It will be his first proper movie experience. I want to take him to the premiere, but it’s a really busy day and I don’t want to get him involved in all that madness,” he said.

“We have a private screening that we plan to go with all our kids, my niece and nephew, which means it’s one of the benefits of work, right?

4-year-old bear was born on March 22, 2017

“When it comes to working with Disney, most of the extra dads point.”

At some point in the movie, Liam hopes that the bear will be a “twig” of the character’s voice, using a particular style of voice to better recognize it when his son is watching. I confessed that I tried to make it easier.

Liam and Cheryl I succeeded in raising a bear together, Liam says Glamor magazine What they are getting along with is “really, really good.”

In a hurry about Cheryl in an interview, he said: “Cheryl is literally the perfect person for co-parenting. Stress is not involved.

“I’m very, very relaxed and spend a lot of time on FaceTime.

Liam said it was “really, really good” for him and Cheryl to get along.

“And it was really nice, and I’m closer to them than ever, in fact, it’s really, really great.

“But FaceTime at bedtime can sometimes really work, or I bought him a toy yesterday and showed it at FaceTime, but I had to travel and hand over the toys over the fence. It was like! “

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Liam Payne gives a rare insight into co-parenting ex-Sheryl and his son Bear

Source link Liam Payne gives a rare insight into co-parenting ex-Sheryl and his son Bear

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