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Lewis Hamilton’s glorious thrill at Silverstone Red Bull’s Hume | British Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and his Red Bull team principal Christian Horner were keenly aware of the criticism of Lewis Hamilton after his controversial victory at Lewis Hamilton. British Grand Prix..

Verstappen crashed after a pair clashed during the race, and the Dutch accused him of “dangerous, rude, non-sportsmanly behavior.”

Horner claimed that Hamilton endangered Verstappen’s life and called him “amateur” and “desperate.” NS Red bull Motorsport director Helmut Marko has joined the choir, demanding that Hamilton face a ban as a punishment.

Hamilton and Verstappen, the only two drivers in the title race this season, ran wheel-to-wheel across Silverstone’s opening lap. They touched as Hamilton tried to pass inside the fast cops corner. Verstappen was speared to the barrier at 180mph with a shock of 51G. He climbed out of the car and was taken to the hospital for a medical examination, which was later revealed.

Hamilton continued to win with a great comeback drive after being penalized for 10 seconds for being determined to have caused the collision.

Verstappen expressed anger in a tweet from the hospital.

“I was very disappointed to be taken out this way,” he wrote. “The penalties given do not help us and do not justify the dangerous movements that Lewis got on track. It is rude and contrary to sportsmanship to see a celebration while in the hospital, but we Goes on. “

Horner was smoking with Hamilton during the race, and was subsequently similarly indignant at driving the World Champion.

“Lewis was a seven-time world champion, an amateur mistake and a desperate mistake,” he said. “I was very lucky that no one was seriously injured.

Max Verstappen went from the hospital to Twitter and described Lewis Hamilton’s victory celebration as “rude and not sportsman-like.” Photo: Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

“You are endangering the safety of your fellow competitors. All GP drivers know that not sticking the wheel inward without a big impact is a big risk.

“I was fortunate that no one was seriously injured. That’s what makes me most angry. Lack of judgment, misjudgment, and despair in this move. Thankfully, today I got over it. If it was terrible, the 10 second penalty would have seemed pretty pointless. “

Hamilton overcame the penalty and won, leading Charles Leclerc three laps from the finish, sharing the moment with the noisy celebrating spectators. However, Horner reiterated his driver’s opinion that he felt that Hamilton should not have taken pleasure in the way he won.

“I don’t know how Lewis can be satisfied with the victory when you bring his fellow rivals and drivers to the hospital,” he said. “It’s annoying. His actions threaten the safety of other drivers, which is unacceptable to me.” When informed of Horner’s comments, Hamilton felt he didn’t need to explain himself.

“I have nothing to say to Christians. [the win] I don’t feel emptiness. ” “I haven’t seen the footage, so I have time to go back and look back, but for now I don’t think I’m in a position to apologize for anything. We’re in the race. Max is hospitalized. I heard you’re doing it, but it definitely has something to do with me. None of us wants any of us to get hurt. It’s not my intention, so he’s okay Hopefully. After this, I’ll hit him to see if he’s okay. I don’t agree with Steward, but I’ll penalize my chin and continue working. Everyone’s opinion And I really don’t care what people think. “

Marco was evident in his belief that Hamilton should have been subject to much greater sanctions. “I don’t know what the biggest penalty is, but such dangerous and reckless behavior should be punished, such as by suspension,” he said.

Hamilton will not be subject to further punishment, as punishment has already been imposed and Red Bull is considering but is unlikely to appeal. As a result of the victory and Verstappen’s DNF, Hamilton reduced his deficit to the Dutch at the World Championships from 33 points to 8 points.

Hamilton later said on Twitter: “I send my best wishes to my incredible competitor Max. I’m glad to hear he’s okay.”

Lewis Hamilton’s glorious thrill at Silverstone Red Bull’s Hume | British Grand Prix

SourceLewis Hamilton’s glorious thrill at Silverstone Red Bull’s Hume | British Grand Prix

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