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Lewis Hamilton won the controversial F1 British Grand Prix after Max Verstappen crashed on lap 1.

Lewis Hamilton claimed an “empty victory,” according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner, after a Mercedes driver won the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton and drivers championship leader Max Verstappen were caught up in a crash on lap one and put the Red Bull driver in the barrier to remove it from the race.

The Dutch driver was bruised and taken to the hospital, but Hamilton recovered from a 10-second penalty and won by overtaking Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc on the third lap.

Verstappen defended his position from Hamilton as he wheel-to-wheeled into one of the fastest corners on the circuit, called the copse.

Hamilton’s left front wheel collided with Verstappen’s Red Bull’s right rear wheel, a Dutch driver jumped into the barrier, and the red flag stopped the race.

Despite being given a 10-second penalty, Hamilton was able to recover and take the checkered flag, reducing Verstappen’s championship lead to just eight points.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates in front of a crowd after winning the Birmingham Grand Prix.(((

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After being released from the hospital, Verstappen posted on social media and thanked the fans for their “nice message and best wishes.”

But he wasn’t very complementary to his title rival Hamilton and what he called a “rude” and “non-sportsman” celebration.

“It’s okay. I was very disappointed to be taken out like this,” Verstappen wrote on Twitter.

“Penalties do not help us and do not justify the dangerous movements that Lewis got into orbit.

“It’s rude and contrary to sportsmanship to see a celebration while in the hospital, but we move on.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called Hamilton’s victory “hollow.”

“Lewis Hamilton is (7 times) World Champion. He shouldn’t do that,” Horner told Sky Sports UK.

“I hope Lewis is very happy with himself.

“I’m very disappointed that his caliber driver needs to make such a move.

“I don’t care what Lewis says … for me it’s an empty victory.”

Hamilton said there was not enough space given by Verstappen who crossed him in the corner before the collision.

“I’m always trying to measure how I approach, especially in the fight against Max. He’s very aggressive. And today I’m completely with him and he’s I didn’t leave the space, “said Hamilton.

“Whether I agreed with the penalty or not, I took it on my chin and I just kept working.”

The driver jumps from the crashed racing car.
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen comes down from the crashed car.(((

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Ferrari driver Leclerc benefited from the crash and moved up to first place before the race stopped.

From the restart, Ferrari’s driver was perfect, holding the lead in the first corner and extending the gap to Hamilton for more than a second.

When Leclerc reported that the engine had stopped temporarily, there were some moments of concern.

However, this was quickly fixed and Leclerc was able to extend the lead to 2 seconds again.

Charles Leclerc, who heads the 2021 British Grand Prix
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc made a great drive to finish second in the British Grand Prix.(((

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At the end of the pit stop phase, Leclerc led Hamilton in 4th place for 14 seconds.

However, Hamilton was in top shape after 20 laps, choosing McLaren’s Lando Norris and his teammate Barteribotta before closing the gap with Ferrari.

In front of a home crowd of 140,000, Briton urged his team to continue working hard while they fought for another championship.

Daniel Ricciardo performed best this season and finished fifth

Daniel Ricciardo looked comfortable at McLaren throughout the season and finished fifth, ahead of Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari.

After the pits stopped from Sainz, the Australians were under constant pressure, but never diminished.

Ricardo said he was happy with the best results of the season, but said he still had a lot to do to close the gap with the car in front of the grid.

“There is definitely something to learn, improve and work on,” he said.

“He was very fast when he saw Carlos coming in for his second stint (after the pit stop).

“By pushing the defense, I think I was able to stay at the limit and get used to the car a little.”

He finished behind his teammate Lando Norris. Lando Norris was exceptional throughout the Grand Prix, finishing in 4th place.

As a result, Norris finished third in the Drivers’ Championship.

Lewis Hamilton won the controversial F1 British Grand Prix after Max Verstappen crashed on lap 1.

SourceLewis Hamilton won the controversial F1 British Grand Prix after Max Verstappen crashed on lap 1.

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