Leveraging Video Ads During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

In the last couple of years, the consumer’s needs and the orientation of the companies have undergone drastic changes. The quarantine and lockdown have opened up new marketing opportunities for businesses, especially the use of video content. Brands should make use of these videos now before it’s too late. Still not convinced? This article outlines how you can make the best of the situation.


As we know, the pandemic has pushed people into their homes. While many initially saw this as an opportunity to catch a break, people have had enough of it. Staying isolated has severely restricted their interaction with the outer world. This has caused people to be desperate for any interaction with the external world.

People now seek comfort from social media, phone and video calls, and other online content. This opens up the opportunity for your advertisements to slip in. Specifically, video ads work as a medium for viewers to connect with the outer world.

Video content consumption has rapidly increased in the pandemic. The spike was so significant the worldwide bandwidth could not cope. To illustrate the extent: YouTube had to lower streaming quality from High Definition (HD) to ‘standard definition’ to preserve bandwidth.

Google has introduced a new feature called ‘Google Trends.’ This tool is convenient to decipher upcoming trends that your business could incorporate into its marketing strategy. These trends allow one to gauge the type of video content that should be created to earn the most views.

Covid-19 has caused many valuable workers to lose their jobs, which has spiked unemployment rates. Another prominent issue is homeschooling. This has reflected on the trends. Creating video content on unemployment or homeschooling can maximize your viewer count. Searches around DIYs (Do It Yourself) and hobbies have also substantially increased. Creating video content catering to these relevant topics is vital to engage customers. 


The worldwide pandemic has unfortunately induced significant losses for businesses. The companies cut down on costs as much as possible and put heavier restrictions on budgets to cope. Many were forced to shut down entirely due to insufficient funds. This has led many companies to pay for ads to pull out. This has significantly lowered competition, leading to a drop in prices as well.

Even though the consumption of online content has dramatically increased, Cost Per View (CPV) and Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mille (CPM) have dropped by approximately 30% due to the drop in demand. The most popular social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all seen a decline in prices. This poses a golden opportunity for your brand to shine through. For less cost, you can access more audience.

How Can I Create Videos?

You may be worried about the high budget requirement to create professional video advertisements. Let’s rewind for a moment. Remember how we said the pandemic has people desperate for human connection? High-end video content generally loses the human touch to it. They want to see the human side of your brand.

A homemade video may be what they need. These videos promote interaction and engagement. Potentially, all you need is a camera (mobile phone cameras work too), a quiet place, and a script. With these, you can create the raw footage. You may also consider using any ad maker tool to create compelling content for your viewers.

There are pre-existing notions of editing being extremely stressful and exhausting. While it is true for some cases, it mainly depends on the software you use. Many simple editing applications can make the task quick and smooth. Utilizing the right editor to create your finished advertisement is essential. Some ad-makers even guide you through the process.

Dos & Don’ts

First, let’s talk about the dos:

Now let’s go to the don’ts:


Keeping the points above in mind, one should create video content. The main social media platforms provide analytics today, which allow you to gauge which videos are doing well for you. Studying the reports is imperative for long-term growth.

The points above should be enough to persuade any business to start spending on video advertisements. The pandemic won’t be around for long, and businesses will slowly start to go back out there again, heightening competition like never before. It is better to stay ahead of the market by gaining momentum now.


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