Lessons from Cisco and Remotework Learned from Pandemic Education

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One of my favorite types of briefings is when it comes to attracting customers to talk about how vendors have done the impossible. While they promote the vendor’s products, they also provide a wealth of knowledge about what worked, what didn’t, and what people do in different ways.we The pandemic may recur on a regular basis In the next few years, if you want to improve your IT in the future, it can be helpful to know what worked.

At Cisco, at one of these events, Canoe Tillo Independent School District With texas St. Vrain Valley School District, Colorado.. This is part of what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year when school officials tried to keep their classes up and running.

School / student disconnection

This lack of understanding between Texas school officials and students was fascinating. Initially, they didn’t understand how much some students were suffering. Oscar RicoThe school district’s executive director of technology described a one-meter residential area, a hose that pumps water, and multiple mobile homes that use the same resources. Parents knew nothing about technology, they didn’t have broadband, and many families couldn’t afford to rent. School-shipped PCs were often the most expensive system in the home, and parents were afraid to break it, so they avoided learning how to use it. Even simple things like login went beyond them.

It wasn’t just students. Some teachers lived on farms that were not well connected, making education much more complicated.

Apple hardware wasn’t a panacea

Apple hardware is believed to work with zero-touch support, but it wasn’t. Instead, the Texas school made up to 80 calls a day out of about 6,000 users. This is a phone that is not configured to support. One point: Next time we will focus on early training for school staff so that everyone can participate in support calls when needed.

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Lessons from Cisco and Remotework Learned from Pandemic Education

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