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Leicester security guards encounter realistic terrorist scenarios during nightclub rehearsals

During the exercise, the club’s security staff was challenged with four realistic scenarios: the leadership of the Leicester Police, the Leicester Fire and Rescue Service, and the National Counterterrorism Office. The initiative, which is part of SENTRY throughout the United Kingdom, is led by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Its purpose is to provide preparedness for the unbelievable event of mass casualties at the Leicester Club.

Emergency drills are designed for first-line security operatives to enable them to be used in practice ACT Awareness e-learning like he’s newer ACT Security e-learning. This free e-learning course was developed by state counterterrorism experts from the National Counterterrorism Security Office and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (SIA). Specially trained training provides state-of-the-art counter-terrorism knowledge to help security professionals prepare to respond to terrorist incidents during their service. The e-terrorism training includes special exercises that were shown yesterday.

  • Mass stabbing (knife attack associated with a gang)
  • Terror outside the club
  • acid attack
  • suspicious package

This event aims to strengthen the flexibility of the staff of the Mosch Nightclub տալ to enable them to test their emergency plan.

Ronnie Megaugin, head of compliance compliance, said:

Putting Mosh Nightclub security personnel in realistic terrorist scenarios is one of the best ways to prepare them for a real-life incident. Security operatives may be the first people at the scene. The terrorist incidents that took place yesterday allowed the security officers to participate, to deal with the scenario, and then to receive instant information from the anti-terrorist experts. We know from experience that operatives և their managers really value what they learn from these events և they think they are worth their time. If any of these security personnel appear to be the first responders to a serious incident, this exercise can literally be the difference between life and death.

The SIA Regional Investigator for the East, Inderjit Singh, who is leading the event, said:

We are really pleased with the commitment made by the Moss security guards during yesterday’s exercise. The main purpose of such exercises is to increase public safety in Leicester’s nightclub by working with local security personnel. It’s also the best practice demonstration of the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) awareness-raising e-learning package that we’ve recommended to all licensed operatives, putting it into practice. I would like to thank all our partners, especially the Mosh Nightclub, for hosting yesterday’s exercise to enhance public protection.

The Emergency Planning Exercise at the Mosh Nightclub continues the program of similar exercises, following the events in Chesterfield, London in the fall of 2021, and Glasgow in April of this year. In October 2019, a pilot event was held in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Notes to the editors.

Additional information:

  • The Security Industry Authority is the organization responsible for regulating the UK private security industry, which reports to the Minister of the Interior in accordance with the terms: Private Security Industry Law 2001. The main responsibilities of the SIA are mandatory licensing of those who carry out special operations, manage the Voluntary Approved Contractors scheme.
  • For more information on the Security Industry Authority, visit: www.gov.uk/sia:. The SIS also operates Facebook: (Security Industry Authority) և: Twitter: (SIAuk).

Leicester security guards encounter realistic terrorist scenarios during nightclub rehearsals

SourceLeicester security guards encounter realistic terrorist scenarios during nightclub rehearsals

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