Legacy apps are at risk with the September patch Tuesday update

This patch Tuesday is a rare update from Microsoft, adding Windows, the Microsoft development platform, and Adobe Reader to the “Patch Now” schedule.

These updates are zero-day patchesCVE-2021-40444) In the core Microsoft browser library MSHTML. This update not only causes serious problems with remote code execution, but can also cause unexpected behavior in legacy applications that depend on or contain this browser component. Evaluate your portfolio of key apps with these dependencies and perform full functional testing before deploying. (We have identified some important mitigation strategies for handling ActiveX controls and protecting the system during the testing and deployment phases.)

There is also more information about the risks of deploying these patches Tuesday patches.With this infographic..

Key test scenarios

No high-risk changes to the Windows platform have been reported this month. However, there is one feature change and addition that has been reported.

  • As always, make sure that printing works as expected on both the physical and virtual printers. Make sure the printer driver is okay and check the printer driver software that uses 32-bit code for application management.
  • Make sure that Windows event tracing is working as expected. The log is displayed in Event Viewer.
  • Make sure that the connection using Remote Desktop Gateway and Virtual Private Network (VPN) works as expected.
  • Test SCCRUN objects such as Scripting.FileSystemObject, textStream, Scripting.Dictionary.look This Microsoft document When Dictionary Object | Microsoft Docs For additional information.
  • the user Authority You can access files on SMB shares. Make sure you access the file using the create / copy / delete / read / write / rename / close functions as expected.

Testing and printing legacy apps will be an important task when managing this September update (and in the near future). To avoid “thunks”, it is important to look for printer driver software that uses 32-bit code for app management.This concern It is related to how memory is handled between 32-bit and 64-bit applications. If you’re looking for a scenario where everything breaks at an unpredictable time and affects your core system, try using your old printer management software to find your old printer driver.

In fact, the results are likely to find you.

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Legacy apps are at risk with the September patch Tuesday update

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