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We can find the SAFe Certificate to emerge as one of the benchmarks for getting into Lean-Agile Enterprises. It helps widen the scope and the industry in terms of career options and value. SAFe is among the most popularly accepted enterprise agile approach that comes with the Agile approach claims the survey data. It comes with around 33 percent of the same actions as a Forrester Survey coming into the Global Agile Software App Development.

The Agile methods are readily applicable to many more small level teams, along with top organizations you find today working all over the collaborative teams, geographies, and complex systems. This simply demands a professional working in Leading SAFe training for working top class people to the enterprise that further brings out the key benefits of faster delivery, along with adding better and good quality products and getting some quick response to many more customer queries. However, we see the agile transformation coming across many more top-class people that remain prone to failures owing to the lack of proper structure and processes. This helps come up with the agile results in agile implementations that may not give you the expected impact.

The Scaled Agile, Inc. Gold Partner certification is backed with a complete methodology for some large-scale agile projects, which further teams up to seamlessly carry out an Agile transformation. Once you apply Lean/Agile principles and then practice them across all levels within any company or project, you will change things the best. The SAFe® framework faces no hurdles in synchronizing the required alignment, delivery of multiple agile teams, collaboration, and leading the way to enterprise success, to name a few. If you look at the latest release, which comes in version 5, update 5.1, we see SAFe promising complete full business agility and having some significant advances as found in strategy, execution, and leadership competencies. This will further help the individuals and organizations, thus delivering innovative business solutions and getting superseding the competition.

Why SAFe?

As per reports, more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 Companies are now preferring to employ SAFe certified employees. Needless to say, the demand for the same is increasing faster. It is now earning not less than five certifications that come along with some globally renounced accreditation body that can help in gaining too many more peers and thus help in gaining the transformation working in the enterprises. We see some of the leading certifications by the top professionals like SAFe giving them the best of the salaries and perks by top companies. At the same time, you avail yourself too many more benefits in this regard.

The Organizational Benefits

Both the individuals and organizations enjoy too many more benefits with the same, some of the organizational benefits include the following:


The Individual Benefits

A Certified SAFe® Agilist (SA) salary is around $98K per annum, which is huge. However, this would depend upon the experience, skills, organization, and several other factors. As we see more and more organizations are now heading to Agile, there is an exponential rise that can be seen in the number of jobs for Agile-based professionals who can further help in scaling the Lean and Agile practices fund at different levels. Currently, in the modern workplace and market, SAFe® certified professionals reap too many key competitive advantages.

The job roles after SAFe Certification

Steps to become a SAFe Agilist – Your 8 Steps Plan to Get the certification and enjoy a better life at the workplace.

Your SAFe Agilist Training

The following are content covered in the training provided you attend at the reputed institutes like KH.

SAFe Training has much to offer, don’t let the chance go astray!


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