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Lawyer says Gislen Maxwell is unlikely to ever reveal Epstein’s secrets

With great courage, the two British victims of Gislen Maxwell were present in court to speak in horrific detail about their horrible ordeal at the hands of a child sexual predator, which they still endure.

A British woman who testified as “Kate” Ռ Sarah Ransom, who was not involved in the Maxwell trial last year, wrote statements of influence over the victims, which described in detail how their dead girlfriend was killed. .

They planned to appear in a New York courthouse to read excerpts of their influence statements before a judge sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in prison for recruiting girls for his ex-boyfriend, pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The British victims were Maxwell’s four survivors who wanted to confront Oxford-educated sex trafficking and tell the world how his crimes affected them.

Ransom even provided shocking images of himself in court after a failed suicide attempt at a hospital when he struggled to come to terms with Maxwell’s violence. The influential statement of Prince Andrew’s teenage accuser Virginia Roberts, now known as his wife Juffrey, who was unable to appear in court due to a “medical problem”, was read by his lawyer.

Sarah Ransom

Miss Ransom, 37, whose father is Lord McPherson of Scotland, says she was raped up to three times a day in the private Caribbean island of Epstein for months after being tricked by Maxwell into a network of abuses. He said in his influential statement. “I became nothing more than a human sex toy with a heartbeat for the entertainment of Epstein, Maxwell and others. During one visit [Epstein’s private island]The sexual demands, the humiliation and the humiliation became so terrible that I tried to escape, trying to jump from the rock to the water full of sharks.

“They attacked us, trapping us in a world of rape, rape, rape, more rape. Like the California Hotel, you can visit the Epstein-Maxwell dungeon of sex hell, but you can never leave. Gislen made me enter Epstein’s room with his hand to be raped.

“I have never been married, I do not have children, which I have always wanted, even as a little girl.

“After the violence, I attempted suicide twice, both of which were almost fatal.”

Elizabeth Stein

Miss Stein, who was kidnapped by Maxwell after moving to New York in 1991 at the age of 18, said she was first raped by her British girlfriend and Epstein at a hotel on the first day of meeting Gislen.

“That night at the hotel was the first of many cases where I was sexually assaulted,” he said. “Then I tried to make it clear that everything was fine,” said Miss Stein, who was “attacked, raped and trafficked many times.” sex trafficking network “capturing its vulnerability”.

She had to have an abortion after she became pregnant by one of the “countless” men who raped her while she was being trafficked by her friends. “Things happened that were so traumatic that I still can’t talk about them. I do not even have the vocabulary to describe them.

‘In the truest sense of the word, I was terrified of Epstein and Maxwell. I was told that if I told anyone, no one would believe me, if they believed, they would kill me, the people closest to me. After meeting Jeffrey Epstein և Gislen Maxwell, it seemed to me that someone had turned off the light on my soul.

Annie Farmer

The fourth and final prosecutor in Maxwell’s trial told jurors how a privately educated predator massaged her naked and caught her as a teenager at Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch.

“One of the most painful and continuing effects of Maxwell փ Epstein’s abuse was the loss of confidence in me, my ideas, my instincts,” he said.

“When predators harass, exploit or exploit children or other vulnerable people, they are, in a sense, being taught not to trust themselves. When the border is crossed or the expectation is violated, you say to yourself: “Someone who cares enough about me to do all these good things will certainly not try to hurt me either.

“This pattern of thinking is treacherous, so these seeds of self-confidence took root even when I taught my sister. [Maria] He also suffered from them; years later he found out that many others had been exploited.

“For years, these memories led to significant self-blame, to minimize guilt.

‘I blamed myself for believing that these predators really wanted to help me. I felt a huge sense of guilt for the survivor when I heard about the other girls and young women who lived through Maxwell փ Epstein.

– I remember sitting at my desk shivering physically after seeing Maxwell’s photo with Virginia [Roberts] Է Prince Andrew, because it became clear to me how their plan went.

– Maxwell had many opportunities to clean up, but instead continued to make choices that caused more damage. “When my sister and I first spoke to the media about what had happened to us, Maxwell lied to us and threatened Maria, helping to stop the investigation into Epstein’s behavior so that together they could continue to harm children, young women.”

Virginia Roberts

Miss Roberts, who now lives in Australia, is one of the most famous victims of Epstein, accusing Prince Andrew of having sex. Although she did not testify during Maxwell’s trial, jurors found that Miss Roberts was one of the victims of her sex trafficking. In her influential statement, the American woman swore to Maxwell. “If you ever get out of jail, I’ll be here to follow you to make sure you never hurt anyone else.”

He said to her: “Undoubtedly, Jeffrey Epstein was a terrible pedophile. But I would never have met Jeffrey Epstein if it weren’t for you.

“For me, for many others, you have opened the door to hell.”

‘And then, Gislen, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you used your femininity to betray us և you guided us through it all. You could put an end to rapes, harassment, morbid manipulations that you organized, witnessed, or even participated in.

“Gislen, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in prison.” You deserve to be trapped in a cage forever, just as you are trapped by your victims. ”


When British victim Kate was a lonely teenager in 1994, Maxwell dressed her as a schoolgirl for sex with Epstein and called her a “good girl.”

He said. “Epstein’s many acts against me, including rape, strangulation, sexual assault, would never have happened without the cunning, deliberate role played by Gislen Maxwell. What happened to me at that young age changed the course of my life forever.

“On many occasions, over the years, I have witnessed Gislen Maxwell trying to recruit other girls who ‘consistently’ make persistent demands of me and others to do the same.

“There was never any doubt or suspicion that he fully knew what would happen when he recruited the girls.” In the years following the abuse, she struggled with drug addiction, panic attacks, and nightmares, saying that “I can not trust my instincts when choosing a romantic relationship.”

Kate said that testifying during the trial was “, terrifying, և traumatic again”, but added: “But I do not regret it for a moment.”

Lawyer says Gislen Maxwell is unlikely to ever reveal Epstein’s secrets

SourceLawyer says Gislen Maxwell is unlikely to ever reveal Epstein’s secrets

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