Lauren Phillips announces departure from Weekend Today

Lauren Phillips announces her departure from Weekend Today and reveals why she quit her “dream job”

Lauren Phillips quit his job at Channel Nine’s Weekend Today to focus on her radio career.

A 34-year-old weathercaster has announced that he will be leaving the breakfast show on Sunday.

Lauren said Herald Sun It was too difficult to juggle her TV and radio roles with KIIS FM.

End: Lauren Phillips, 34, (pictured) announced his departure from Weekend Today and explained why he ended his “dream job” on Sunday.

“I’ve managed juggling seven days a week for the past five months. I’ve worked everywhere to make it possible, and I can continue this work, but unfortunately. , We all need to balance life and work.’She said.

“So I’m saying goodbye to Weekend Today. It’s really sad, and that’s the job I’ve been desperately hoping for for so long.”

She continued. “So it’s never easy to get away from your dream job, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

Lauren has been balancing today’s weekend efforts with KIIS 10.11’s breakfast radio work since August.

“I need balance”: Lauren told Herald Sun, it was too difficult to juggle both her television and radio roles for KIIS FM.

It comes after Phillips was forced to broadcast apologize to the mother of the murdered child earlier this month.

Aspiring dancer Rachel Barber was only 15 years old when Caroline Reed Robertson strangled her on the phone line to steal her identity in 1999.

Phillips was fed up with the murdered dancer’s family and friends when he laughed at KIIS 101.1, listening to a podcast explaining her brutal murder.

Away: She’s been managing today’s weekend appointments at KIIS 101.1 Breakfast Radio work since August

She told listeners earlier this month that she was unaware that the audio the producer played during her conversation was taken from the highly realistic CASEFILE series of real-life crime podcasts.

In the chat, Phillips explained how to cheer himself up with a podcast discussing Rachel’s tragic murder.

“Am I a psychopath?” Phillips angry and asked Elizabeth Barber, her friends and family, during a conversation with co-host Jason’Jace’Hawkins.

Phillips said he wasn’t going to chat on the air with the voice of the actual crime, holding back tears.

“All of us attending the show were devastated when we realized we did. The show is fully responsible and our background checks on audio sources are more. It should have been thorough, “said Philips.

Controversy: This move comes after Phillips (painted in 2020) upsets friends and family of murder victim Rachel Barber in an insensitive segment of Melbourne’s radio.She explained how to cheer her up with a podcast that discusses Rachel’s tragic murder.

Hawkins apologized too much for his limited role in the conversation and thanked Rachel’s mother for calling her to apologize directly.

“She didn’t have to do that, and we both chatted with her, and yeah, we thank her for answering the phone,” he said. rice field.

Phillips added that the incident had a major impact on the entire production crew.

“We are very sorry that the audio was used, but we are deeply sorry. We will do our best to prevent that from happening again at our show,” she said. Told.

Apology: In tears, Phillips (right) said he didn’t intend to use the voice of the actual crime to chat on the air.Hawkins (left) thanked Rachel’s mother for apologizing too much for his limited role in the conversation and calling on him to apologize directly.


Lauren Phillips announces departure from Weekend Today

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