Lauren Goodger shares plans Larose’s first Christmas after Charles Drury reconciliation

This year has been quite the ride for former The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger.

The 35-year-old announced her pregnancy exclusively with OK! back in January, before becoming a mum to her beautiful baby girl Larose in July. And although 2021 has been magical for so many reasons, and Lauren is clearly thriving as a new mum, the last 12 months have seen more than their fair share of drama.

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The Essex girl had a scare last month when Larose, now five months, was rushed to hospital after being taken ill.

Speaking about the incident for the first time, Lauren, who says she was initially told by doctors that her daughter had sepsis, revealed, “It scared the life out of me. It was really worrying.”

Thankfully, Larose made a full recovery and her bout of sickness turned out to be the result of a flu-like illness.

But in the midst of their daughter’s health worries, boyfriend Charles Drury, 24, revealed on Instagram that he and Lauren had split.

Now back together after the break they needed, the family are excited about their first Christmas in their new house.

Lauren is excited for her first family Christmas with Larose and boyfriend Charles

And despite being exhausted, Lauren is clearly looking forward to our At Home shoot the day after our interview.

“I’m so excited to have my hair and make-up done, it’s like a luxury,” she says. “And it’s so lovely to get proper photos! I can keep this magazine and show Larose one day.”

Talk quickly turns to festive plans and traditions, as she reveals her close encounter with Father Christmas as a child, and tells us she still has presents to buy for her little girl.

Here, Lauren lifts the lid on her excitement for the season, explains she’s still unsure where she’ll spend Christmas Day and says she’s looking forward to getting back to herself in 2022…

We love this gorgeous shoot, Lauren! Are you excited about Larose’s first Christmas?

I am – not that she has a clue what’s going on. She’ll be five months at Christmas and it’s gone so quickly. I’ve ended up buying her toys, but I’ve already given them to her, so I’ve got to get her some more stuff [laughs]. I’ve got her a Finding Nemo play mat. There’s a big stingray that sits on the top. It’s got lights in its belly and plays music, and she absolutely loves it.

She can roll over on her tummy now and she looks at all the hanging fish and kicks them with her legs. It’s really good interaction for her. And I’ve got her a Mickey Mouse bouncer and a little toy mobile phone.

They love mobile phones, don’t they?

She’s intrigued with my mobile because I’m always on it and she FaceTimes so much. She looks at videos of herself and just grins.

The former TOWIE star admits Larose has already received the presents she’s bought for her

She’s already like you!

Ha ha. She loves watching herself. Now, I need to go proper shopping again.

Have you got her any Christmassy outfits?

I have. I’ve got a really beautiful red Baby-gro that says “Larose’s First Christmas” on it. It’s all about her now. This time of year is all about the kids and it means something more now than it used to.

We’re guessing you’ve had some tough Christmases in the past, so will having Larose make it more special this year?

Growing up was a weird one, because my mum and dad were separated and it was like, “Who am I going with?” But now it will be about her. I don’t know what I’m doing for Christmas Day, but me and Charlie will be with the baby. We don’t know where we’re going to be yet – she’s popular, this little lady! I just want to make it special for her.

What’s on your Christmas list?

I haven’t really thought about myself, we haven’t even had that discussion. I just want to get stuff for Larose and make it special. We’ll see, maybe I’ll get a nice surprise!

Let’s hope so! Do you have any Christmas traditions?

I haven’t done it for years, but I have been to midnight Mass a couple of times. I went and sang all the songs at midnight. I love Christmas Eve and I want to do something quite Christmassy like put on a spread, put our Christmas pyjamas on and have a nice little bit of dinner. I think Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day. In the past I’ve been out shopping on Boxing Day. I don’t like being stuck in.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

I saw Father Christmas! Years ago, when I was seven, I lived with my dad and he had an old fireplace. I’ll never forget this, but I came running down the hallway and, through the glass, I saw Father Christmas stacking up my presents.

I said to my dad recently, “I thought Father Christmas was real because I saw him in the living room one night.” My dad told me they were up late and he had a red jumper on and I was looking through frosted glass. I told everyone at school that I’d seen Father Christmas! That was the best Christmas I ever had because I really believed in it.

Aww. The last time we caught up with you was in your Essex apartment. Is it nice to be in your new house for Christmas?

To be honest, it was a bit of a change and it took me a long time to get settled and I will never move again with a very small baby. It was the worst day ever and I’ve still got boxes that I haven’t unpacked. But it is nice to be in a house. It’s a new area and I wasn’t 100% [sure] at first, but I’m getting used to it.

Are you going to do much to it?

It’s brand new, so there’s nothing to do. Everything I had to do, I’ve done. Like getting garden furniture, getting the sofa made and I’ve made a wardrobe room downstairs.

Lauren admits her current house isn’t her forever family home

Is this the family home where Larose is going to grow up?

No, I don’t love it enough. But it’s walking distance to one of the best schools in the country. It’s a community place and everyone’s very connected. I regretted it when I first did it [moved] and tried to go back, but this is more practical with having a baby. I’ve got a driveway and a front door – lovely!

It’s been a full-on year for you! How do you look back at it?

It’s the year that my baby was born, that was the best thing. It was an absolute whirlwind – Covid, lockdown, relationship, moved house, had a baby and got in touch with my dad’s side of the family again. There’s a lot gone on. I’ve changed, I’m a mum.

We can see the change in you from your mummy posts on Instagram…

I’m boring now [laughs]. I’ve gone through the last 12 years of going out, getting drunk, but that doesn’t interest me now.

Have you had a night out since having Larose?

I’ve been drunk twice and that was at home. I haven’t been out.

What kind of baby is she? Is she sleeping through the night yet?

She was sleeping through the night, but she’s not any more. When you have a baby, everyone thinks they know best. She used to sleep straight through until five, six in the morning and then she started waking up every hour and a half, hungry. A few of my friends were saying, “You need to start putting her on food now.” So, I gave her a bit of banana and she absolutely loved it and screamed for more. But I wasn’t ready because I thought it was just milk up until six months.

I only tried it for one day, but I’m going to wait until she’s six months, because I’m just not comfortable with it. But the reason why [I tried it] is because her sleep is very broken. I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m hoping it will pass and as soon as she starts eating solid food properly, she should sleep through. But it’s all part and parcel of having a baby.

Larose’s sleep is quite broken at the minute, so Lauren is understandably exhausted

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?

Worrying. I worry about everything! It’s just hard, especially when she was ill. I don’t worry about myself as much as I worry about her. I’m very hands-on. I never let her have a wet nappy for long, I feed her before myself and make sure she’s entertained. It’s constant. I don’t get a minute, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

She wasn’t well last month and was admitted to hospital. How is she doing now?

First of all, we had bronchiolitis. I panicked, but everyone was like, “Don’t panic, it’s good for their immune system and babies are ill constantly.” I went to the doctor and said, “What can I give her?” And they said, “Nothing. It’s just like a cold. You just have to let it go and look after her.”

I was able to give her a bit of Calpol and we stayed in bed and I kept her warm and she got better. Breast milk was the best thing, because it creates natural protection. I kept putting her on the boob and she got better and I felt like s**t. She didn’t have a temperature or anything, she was just really snuffly and groggy.

Then what happened?

Two weeks later, through the night, she woke up and was boiling – she was 39ºC. I started panicking; she just wasn’t herself. I was on the phone to 111 all day and they said, “We’ll call you back.” I waited until early evening and no one called me back. I must have rung them four times.

I booked an appointment at a private hospital, started making my way there and then they rang me and said the doctor had gone home sick. Then 111 rang me and I spoke to a doctor who said the best thing was to take her to A&E. Me and Charlie weren’t together at this point, so I had to ring him and let him know what was going on. Her skin went all mottled, she was lifeless. It really, really scared me! When I got in there I said, “What’s wrong with her?”


That must have been awful!

She was so hot and not herself and you could see it in her eyes – she didn’t look right. She was white as a ghost and she hadn’t had a wee all day, so she was really dehydrated. She was sucking on the boob, but not actually drinking. I was all emotional and then I went to see a doctor.

They tried to hold her down and bend her arm back to get a cannula in. My baby was looking at me and I’d never seen a look on her face like it. I was crying going, “Please, what is wrong with her?” They said, “She’s got sepsis. We’re going to keep her in for a couple of days and do some tests.”

They took her bloods and I was there with Charlie. Because I’d been up the night before with her, I didn’t sleep for 24 hours. They finally gave me a room and gave me a chair and only one of us could stay. It was just awful.

Thankfully her daughter made a full recovery

Aww, Lauren…

The tests came back and they said, “She hasn’t got sepsis, she’s got a fever from an infection.” I was like, “Phew!” She was on antibiotics and a drip. By the second and third day, she was more herself.

The doctor said, “You don’t need to panic. This is so common. Babies get ill 12 times a year.” It was nothing serious. But because of how ill she was they initially said she’d got sepsis. It scared the life out of me. It was really worrying. I was crying all the time and I couldn’t have Charlie there. I couldn’t wait to get her home.

And she’s recovered now?

Absolutely fine, no cold or anything. They’re stronger than you think, but seeing her like that scared me.

In among all of this, you and Charles broke up and rekindled your relationship three weeks later. How are things now?

Really good. Listen, moving house and having a baby are very stressful things. Having a baby, as well as it being a beautiful and amazing thing, really does test couples. For Charlie, it’s a lot of change and I think he was quite overwhelmed with everything. As much as he loves me and Larose, he had to take five minutes out.

And now you’re back together!

He came home and wants his family. I’m grateful that maybe that little space and break needed to happen, because some couples aren’t strong enough – they break up and that’s it. It’s very common. I had so many DMs saying, “Hats off to you, my partner’s just left me.” I want it to work for Larose. It wasn’t a bitter split. He was in contact a lot because of Larose.

She’s excited for 2022 with her family

We’re glad you’ve sorted it out. What’s in store for 2022?

Who bloody knows what happens with me? I’ll probably move again. I don’t know what’s coming. It’s one extreme to the other, but that’s my life.

Would you ever make a return to TOWIE?

I’d love to do a Mummy Diaries style of show, but if TOWIE asked me to do some nice scenes that don’t involve arguing, then I’d love to.

Are you going to be making any New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t really do resolutions, because I don’t think you stick to them. But I want to get back to my work stuff and I want to get back to the gym; I’ve not been to the gym for so long. Now Larose’s getting a little bit older I’m excited to get my life back and do things… and just be Lauren again. Now I’ve got a baby there are different avenues I can focus on. I’m excited for next year; I think it will be a good one.

And finally, what’s your Christmas wish?

For Larose to be the happiest princess in the world. I just want her to be safe, healthy and happy.

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