Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury “set aside the difference” for Larose

It was a stressful few weeks for my new mom Lauren Goodgar.

Former TOWIE star 4-month-old baby, Larose, was recently taken to the hospital, and the star is also dealing with a broken heart. Split from Charles Drury.

But there was good news for the 35-year-old kid. The baby, Larose, is now out of the hospital, and sources close to Lauren say he “relieved a lot of stress” from the star’s life.

Our sources also say that the previous couple is working hard to set aside their differences for their baby daughter.

OK! Sources explain: “Larose is out of the hospital and is being treated. This is great news. Lauren has relieved a lot of stress.”

Lauren spent a stressful week with baby Larose

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They continued to say “everything is very friendly” among the pairs who recently publicly announced their division.

OK! The source adds: “Because Lauren and Charlie’s priority is Larose, everything is very friendly between them. They are working together and setting aside the difference for Larose.”

Since then I gave birth to my first baby in July, Lauren was “quite mature,” they added.

“Lauren has matured quite a bit since she became a mom and understood what was important. It was her daughter and her happiness was not a trivial battle.”

Poor Larose was inadequately hospitalized

Stars are motherly to the water like ducks, OK! The source of the information is explained.

“Lauren is a wonderful mom and all her friends and family are very proud of how she treated Larose’s illness.”

Charles, 24, added, “Things must be polite for my daughter,” after seeing an Instagram story last week and confirming that the pair had taken “separate paths.”

Lauren and Charles split in the last few weeks
Lauren and Charles split in the last few weeks

He continued. “Since Lauren is a wonderful mom, when it comes to Larose, she will still meet both of us because we both have her greatest concern sincerely.

“I don’t need a drama here, so I hope people are busy and can stop putting in two pence.”

Lauren had previously shared the news that her daughter was hospitalized for what appears to be a virus or infection.

She said Larose is now “under treatment”.

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Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury "set aside the difference" for Larose

Source link Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury "set aside the difference" for Larose

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