Lauren Goodgar’s ex-Charles Drury was branded “evil” by the woman he was flying with.

Charles Drury was blown up last year by a woman who fled during a short separation from him. Lauren Goodgar.

Former TOWIE star Lauren, OK exclusively announced her second pregnancy! , After escaping, he was “furious” and threw him out of Essex’s house.

Amy Gilbert, the woman Charles was dating now, broke her silence when she posted an Instagram story to her current private account, which she named him “evil.”

“Usually I don’t come to social media to express my opinion, but since today I feel that way too …” she started posting.

Lauren Goodgar’s ex-Charles Druley accused by Amy Gilbert

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Amy, 24, continues. Ruin your life. ” Everything was about you, you made me feel so lonely.

“You really are a nasty excuse for’man’.”

understood!online We are seeking further comments from representatives of both Charles and Lauren.

Meanwhile, Charles broke the silence in his Instagram story as news came out that he would be a father again with Lauren.

Charles Druley broke the silence after Lauren Goodger announced he was expecting a second child.
Charles broke the silence after Lauren shared the news of her pregnancy

Charles, who also shares his daughter Larose with the star, writes:

“Remember that social media is not a reality. I have a beautiful daughter and another daughter. You don’t always have to express your live and happiness online.

“I’ve never been fooled and things may have gone wrong, but I want to make sure I’m a good guy and my best version to be a good dad I’m doing my best with my head down. “

After Lauren opened understood! About her pregnancy, and what the future holds between herself and Charles.

According to one source, Lauren Goodger called for time on his relationship with Charles Drury some time ago – and she was shocked by the timing of his official statement.
Lauren said, “It was a difficult time.”

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Lauren talked about their division, saying, “Last week I thought,’This isn’t happening now.'” It’s a really interesting stage-we’re doing ourselves.

“It was a tough time and it was really hard for me, but I need to focus on pregnancy and the baby.”

Lauren, Shared the gender of her foetation, Continued: “I’m a very practical mom, it’s not that strange because it’s all in me. I’m here alone with my mom and my baby.

Lauren Goodger painted with ex-Charles Drury and her baby Larose
Lauren said Charles “I really wanted this baby”

“Charlie really hurt me, so I don’t know what the future holds. Soon it’s all in the air. We need to make a co-parenting plan together.”

Regarding Charles’ reaction to baby news, Lauren added:

“He’s idolizing them, but that’s definitely not his problem. I’m really sure of it and he’ll say the same thing.”

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Lauren Goodgar's ex-Charles Drury was branded "evil" by the woman he was flying with.

Source link Lauren Goodgar's ex-Charles Drury was branded "evil" by the woman he was flying with.

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