Laura Anderson details the “trouble” with her boyfriend Dane Bowers.

Laura Anderson She and her boyfriend Dane Bowers have revealed that they have had “problems” since deciding to start a family earlier this year.

Love Island Star She and her boyfriend Dane first talked about how they are about to give birth to a baby in JuneAnd now, 31-year-old Laura has opened the door further on their journey to become parents.

Laura joined Vicky Patterson on the podcast The Secret To Geordie Shore star, 34, asked Laura if she and Dane were talking about having children.

“Yes, I have. I tried it right away,” she shared with Vicky. “I’ve been taking pills for years and thought it probably wasn’t good for my body, so should I stop it?”

Laura Anderson got out of the pill after wanting to get pregnant with Dane

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Laura shared that she had endured several obstacles along the way after investigating while ovulating.

“And I got a look at the app when I was ovulating. We faced some problems, and I don’t think it will be easy,” she added.

“There are many different options. It’s very common. There are many different things for men and women. Let’s see what happens.”

Laura Anderson said she had a hard time getting her baby pregnant

Laura rekindled her relationship with Dane earlier this year after competing on Love Island in 2018 when she joined Wes Nelson before reaching the final against Paul Knops.

Regarding her time at the show four years ago, Stunner said:

“Small decisions can completely change your life, and I think you just need to go with your internal organs.”

Laura Anderson said going to Love Island changed her life

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Laura went on to reveal that she didn’t expect to return with Dane.

“And I didn’t expect to come back with Dane. I hated him, and it all happened right away,” she continued.

“We were supposed to go to the Ex on the Beach show.”

Laura Anderson said she went to Love Island after falling with Dane

The conversation with reality star Vicky turned incredibly when she confessed that she went to a date show after her current boyfriend, and ex-boyfriend, treated her “badly.”

“If he didn’t treat me badly, we’re a little over,” Laura added. “I felt good, so I felt like going to Love Island!”

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Laura Anderson details the "trouble" with her boyfriend Dane Bowers.

Source link Laura Anderson details the "trouble" with her boyfriend Dane Bowers.

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