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Latest Vaccine Supply: Worried Data Shows Vaccination Rate Drops by 50% | UK | News

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The UK offers the world’s best vaccination program with over 17 million vaccinations, but the latest data show that vaccinations have plummeted in the last few days and weeks. According to data released by the Ministry of Health, 192,341 people were given their first jab on Monday.

This number has fallen by almost 50 percent since the same period last week.

Monday, February 15th, UK 275,956 First dose..

The downward trend was last week Almost 500,000 doses February 17However, that number fell to just over 150,000 daily on February 21st.

The UK has ordered hundreds of millions of vaccines, and government sources have confirmed this week that the supply is “rugged,” Times Radio reports.

A clear slowdown in vaccine numbers could upset Britain’s withdrawal from the blockade announced by the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon.

UK vaccine programs have recently slowed (Image: Getty)

Vaccine news

The UK has been vaccinated more than 17 million times (Image: PA)

Boris Johnson outlined a roadmap to remove all UK restrictions by June 21, but emphasized that it relies heavily on the vaccine program.

The government has also set an ambitious goal of providing vaccines to people over the age of 50 by mid-April-the number of people vaccinated will be 32 million-and by the end of July all adults Provide jabs.

Health Minister Matt Hancock admitted that he expected the number of vaccines given this week to slow before the numbers increased again next month.

“This week will be a quiet week and March will be a really bumper week,” he told LBC this morning.

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock urged people to move forward in search of vaccines (Image: Getty)

Hancock added that there were “ups and downs” in the number of deliveries.

A Downing Street spokesman acknowledged that there were “daily fluctuations” in the number of vaccinations and emphasized that “hundreds of thousands” continue to receive jabs every day.

He added that the Moderna vaccine will be available in the UK “in the spring” along with Pfizer and the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab to help the UK reach its goals.

The Minister of Health emphasized that accepting the vaccine when it is provided is “absolutely for all of us.”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson announced his roadmap from the blockade on Monday (Image: Getty)

Regarding the BBC Radio 4 Today program, he said: “I want the vaccine intake to be as high as possible.

“But it’s all our responsibility to get out and vaccinate. That’s right.

“Obviously, we want to provide the vaccine to all adults by the end of July. That is the goal we think we can achieve, and by April 15th, to everyone over the age of 50. We were able to provide the vaccine.

“But in addition, we are working incredibly hard to encourage people to take it when they are not sure.”

With the end of the blockade roadmap, all schools in the UK will reopen on March 8th, with widespread use of face mask and secondary testing.

You will then be allowed to interact with another person in the park or public space.

Then there is a three-week interval for government and health professionals to analyze the data before the restrictions are further relaxed.

Johnson said four tests had to be met to proceed.

They include successful vaccine deployment, evidence of vaccine efficacy, assessment of new variants, and maintenance of infection rates below levels that could put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.

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Vaccine deployment priority list (Image: Express)

As early as March 29th, outdoor gatherings will be available for groups of 6 or 2 households.

Non-required retail stores and beer gardens will reopen on April 12.

By May 17, 2 households or groups of up to 6 people will be able to mix indoors, and up to 10,000 spectators will be able to attend performances and sporting events at the largest venues.

Johnson spoke at a school in eastern London this afternoon, saying he was “very optimistic” and that all restrictions would end on June 21st.

Latest Vaccine Supply: Worried Data Shows Vaccination Rate Drops by 50% | UK | News

SourceLatest Vaccine Supply: Worried Data Shows Vaccination Rate Drops by 50% | UK | News

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