Latest News of Sir David Amess

Candlelight Vigil held in honor of Sir David

Hundreds of people attended Candlelight Vigil in memory of Parliamentarian Sir David Amess.

A crowd carrying lanterns and candles gathered in the dark on Saturday at the Belfairs Sports Ground in Essex’s Leonsea to honor Sir David, who was killed the day before.

This is where the ambulance landed on Friday as rescuers tried to save their five fathers at the nearby Belfairs Methodist Church.

On alert, South End councilor Alan Deer spoke to people gathered around dozens of candles on the grass.

“For me, and because you’re here, I know for all of you, it was a terrible 24 hours for all of us,” he said.

He went on: “For me, (Sir David) was a good friend, and I know he was a good friend for all of you here.

“He has been caring for Basildon and Southend members for 40 years. He was a very kind, affectionate and kind person. He was a gentleman and a kind person.

“He’s the one I’ll never forget. He’s always available. If you need help, he was there. I know he helped a lot of you here tonight. I am. “

Latest News of Sir David Amess

SourceLatest News of Sir David Amess

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