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Latest news in Ukraine: Evil Putin faces NATO responsibility for Polish attack as more ‘tortured’ bodies found in Kherson

Ukraine’s Interior Minister has claimed that more than 60 bodies have been found in Kherson showing signs of “torture”.

As Ukrainian Troops retake areas liberated from eight months of war last week. Russian occupationthey’re discovering the horrors left behind Putin’s bloodthirsty aggression.

“Today, 63 bodies have been found. Kherson However, it must be understood that the search is just beginning and that many more dungeons and burial grounds will be discovered. ” Dennis Monastirski said According to Interfax Ukraine news agency.

He added:

in the meantime, NATO Russia says not yet “blame” For “coincidence” missile attack Two people died in Poland, as it is unlikely that the Ukrainian defense system in response to Putin’s attack was the cause.

For the latest updates, read the Ukraine-Russia live blog below…

  • George Bush praises Zelenskiy as ‘tough guy’

    Speaking at the Dallas Institute, George Bush welcomed the indomitable Ukrainian president and said he believed that with U.S. support, he would be able to resist Russian aggression.

    “Absolutely they can win, they are winning,” said the former US president.

    “But if America and the free world say they are no longer worth it, they will not win.”

  • MI5 says 400 Russian spies expelled from European countries since war began

    MI5 Executive Director Ken McCallum has claimed that Russia has suffered a “strategic blow” after 400 spies were expelled from across Europe since the start of the war in Ukraine.

    The MI5 chief added that Britain had rejected 100 Russian diplomatic visa applications on national security grounds.

  • What is NATO Article 4?

    According to NATO’s website, Article 4 states that “Whenever, in the opinion of any of the parties, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any party is threatened, we shall consult together.

    “All NATO decisions are made by consensus after discussion and consultation among member states.

    “Consultation among members is central to NATO because it allows allies to exchange views and information and discuss issues before reaching agreement and taking action.

    “It also gives NATO an active role in preventive diplomacy by providing the means to avoid military conflict.”

  • “Until the job is done, I will defend the right to territorial integrity.”

    James Cleverly added that Britain would send a message “to all other potential aggressors”.

    “I have spoken in the past about the need for strategic patience, to defend not only Putin, but all other potential aggressors around the world, to uphold the UN Charter and uphold international humanitarian law,” Cleverley said. .

    “We will defend our right to territorial integrity and we will defend it until the job is done.”

  • “The Prime Minister immediately called the Polish President Duda.”

    The UK foreign minister told Commons that he immediately contacted the Polish foreign minister to express Britain’s “sympathy and solidarity”.

    In a speech Wednesday, Cleverley said: .

    “We immediately reached out to our Polish representatives to express our sympathy and solidarity with the UK.

    “The prime minister immediately called Poland’s President Duda to express Britain’s condolences for the tragic loss of civilian life and to pledge unwavering support to the staunch NATO allies.”

  • James Cleverley Says ‘Russia Ultimately Is Responsible’

    The Foreign Minister contacted his Polish counterpart and offered “practical assistance”.

    “The UK has assured Poland of its unwavering support for its NATO allies,” he added.

    He praised Poland’s “cool reaction to the situation”.

  • “Germany is close to NATO partner Poland.”

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

    In their chat, Scholz expressed his condolences over the incident, according to a government spokesman.

    Spokesperson Steffen Hevestreith tweeted: “@Bundeskanzler called President Duda of Poland to express his condolences.

    “Poland is closely investigating the circumstances of last night’s incident that left two civilians dead.

    “Germany is close to its NATO partner Poland.”

  • Kremlin fined Google 21 billion rubles, Russian state media claim

    Russian state media Interfax reported that the Kremlin has sued Google over a 21 billion ruble fine imposed on the search engine provider.

    According to Interfax, the fine is for “repeated refusal to remove inaccurate content related to special operations.” [invasion] in Ukraine. “

    A Russian court has found Google guilty, but Google has yet to pay cash.

  • Missiles ‘very likely’ come from Ukrainian air defenses – Polish president

    Polish President Andrzej Duda said today that the missile that hit Poland was “very likely” from Ukrainian air defenses.

    Throughout yesterday morning, a series of reports emerged suggesting that the missile strike was an accident rather than a deliberate provocation by the Kremlin.

    Joe Biden echoed these sentiments by saying it was “unlikely” that the missile came from Russia.

  • Sweden announces new aid package for Ukraine

    Sweden has announced a new aid package worth £241m to Ukraine.

    This comes at a time when the country is facing a historically difficult winter following President Putin’s campaign to destroy the country’s infrastructure.

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov praised the new package on Twitter.

    He confirmed that the deal would supply Ukraine with air defense systems, vehicles and winter equipment.

  • UK still ‘establishing facts’ about Polish missiles, says Ben Wallace

    Britain’s defense minister said the country was still “trying to establish the facts” about the missile that hit Poland.

    “We are all trying to establish the facts, and the international community is working together,” Wallace said.

    “I think the Polish Prime Minister made it very clear that if we knew exactly what happened, we would move forward.

    “What is clear is that the missiles were flying around yesterday as Russia fired over 80 missiles into Ukraine, hitting civilian locations and inevitably killing innocent civilians. Because Russia attacked the country directly.”

  • Germany offers to patrol Polish airspace

    Germany has offered to patrol Polish airspace after a missile hit a village in eastern Poland yesterday.

    “As an immediate response to the events in Poland, we propose to strengthen air security with German Eurofighter combat air patrols in Polish airspace,” German Defense Ministry spokesman Christian Thiels said at a press conference. .

    “If Poland wants, the mission can start tomorrow,” he continued.

  • Photo: where the missile hit

    A missile of currently unknown origin hit the Polish village of Przewodow yesterday.

    Pictured below, 30-year-old Mateusz Zub reacts to the attack that killed two of his colleagues.

  • Russian losses rise amid fears of attack on NATO territory

    Ukrainian military sources say Russian losses have continued to climb over the past 24 hours.

    As reported by the Kyiv Independent, Russia lost another 630 troops yesterday, bringing the estimated total casualties to 82,710.

    This came amid alarming reports that a “Russian missile” killed two people in NATO country Poland.

  • Photo: Laser wire fence installed by Poland

    Poland has erected an eight-foot razor wire fence along its border with Russia after a terrifying missile attack that sparked a NATO emergency.

    Soldiers have laid 10-foot-wide barbed wire fences for miles near Sirini village near the river. Russia Kalinigrad enclave in terror Moscow Triggering an immigration crisis and throwing the world into chaos EU.

  • Kia Sturmer sends condolences to Poland

    Labor Party leader Kiel Sturmer took to Twitter this morning to pay tribute to the two people who died in Poland yesterday.

    “I and the entire Labor Party mourn the loss of life in Poland,” Sturmer said.

    “The UK stands united with its NATO allies.”

  • Russian defense ministry denies involvement in Polish missile attack

    The Russian Defense Ministry has denied involvement in the missile that landed in Poland yesterday, killing two people, Reuters reports.

    The Defense Ministry yesterday confirmed that Russia had successfully launched several missile strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure, according to a report.

    But Kremlin officials said the attacks took place within 22 miles of the Ukrainian-Polish border.

    Rather, Russian officials blamed Ukraine for the attack, saying images showed the missile to be a Ukrainian S-300.

  • US claims it has ‘not seen anything that contradicts President Duda’s preliminary assessment’

    According to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the United States sees nothing to contradict Poland’s preliminary assessment.

    Poland claims the explosions in its country were caused by Ukrainian air defense missiles.

    At a press conference, he said, “While we are still gathering information, this explosion contradicts President Duda’s preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland. I haven’t seen anything to do,” he said.

  • Missiles from Ukraine ‘almost unchanged’ – Italy

    Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that the missile that hit Poland yesterday was of Ukrainian origin and that “little has changed”.

    Ms Meloni made the comments during her speech at the G20 Summit in Bali.

    “It is very likely that the missile that fell in Poland was not a Russian missile, but a Ukrainian one,” she said.

  • “Missiles are flying in the skies of Europe because of Putin’s barbaric aggression”

    The UK Foreign Secretary has uploaded his speech to the Commons to Twitter.

    “As we seek further clarification regarding last night’s tragic events in Poland, one thing is certain.

    “The only reason missiles are flying in the skies of Europe is because of Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine.”

  • Polish ambassador summoned to Moscow

    The Polish ambassador has been summoned to Moscow’s foreign ministry, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Reuters.

  • Zelensky claims missiles that hit Poland last night ‘did not come from Ukraine’

    Zelensky said there was “no doubt” that the missile that hit Poland last night “is not Ukrainian,” according to Interfax news agency.

    The Ukrainian added that his country “must be able to access” the site.

  • Polish PM says it ‘cannot be ruled out’ that missile strike is ‘provocation’

    The Polish Prime Minister insisted it “cannot be ruled out” that the missile strike was a “provocation”.

    Mateusz Morawiecki said:

  • Ukraine extends martial law

    Ukraine has extended martial law for another three months.

    This means military authorities will continue to command until at least February 19, 2023.

    This is an emergency measure due to the current war.

  • MI5 says 400 Russian spies expelled from European countries since war began

    MI5 Executive Director Ken McCallum has claimed that Russia has suffered a “strategic blow” after 400 spies were expelled from across Europe since the start of the war in Ukraine.

    The MI5 chief added that Britain had rejected 100 Russian diplomatic visa applications on national security grounds.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20038859/ukraine-news-war-russia-latest-poland-missile-putin/ Latest news in Ukraine: Evil Putin faces NATO responsibility for Polish attack as more ‘tortured’ bodies found in Kherson

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