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Latest Covid Data: Experts Warn About “Exponential Growth”-Are We Looking at the Third Wave? UK | News

COVID Incidents are skyrocketing and new reports have emerged claiming that the June 21 blockade easing will be postponed to July 19 as the government attempts. vaccination Increase the population and prevent a large third wave surge. Incidents increase as the country relaxes regulations-so does this mean that the third wave is on the horizon?

The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is now rooted in many countries, including some in Africa.

On the continent, infections have increased by 26% in the past week.

In South Africa, cases of COVID-19 have more than doubled in the last 24 hours, while Uganda has recorded a weekly increase in infection of 131%.

Delta strains have been identified as the driving force behind this proliferation of new infectious diseases, and in many European countries, cases of variants have been reported, albeit at much lower levels.

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Professor Niall Ferguson said there is a substantial third wave risk of Covid infection in the United Kingdom caused by Delta variants.

In a briefing at the Science Media Center this week, he said: It is the same digit. “

He added that the size and size of the waves would depend on the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine-especially in light of their ability to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations.

Professor Ferguson said:

Professor David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government, said Sky News had “evidence that another wave was emerging.”

Sir David said: “There are 5,300 new illness cases per day in the UK, with an increase of about 2,000 last week.

“Now we are talking about whether we are going into a serious third wave and I don’t think we can wait any longer.”

Microbiologist Professor Ravi Gupta also said the case showed evidence of a third wave.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today program: “Yes, the number of new cases is increasing exponentially, with at least three-quarters being new variants.

“Of course, the number of cases is relatively small at this point. Every wave starts with a few cases complaining in the background and then explodes. So what’s important here is what we’re looking at here. Is a sign of an early wave .. “

“The level of vaccination in the population is so high that it will probably take longer to emerge than in previous waves, so for some time there may be false reassurance. That is us. Is a concern. “

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Coronavirus case rates have skyrocketed to their highest levels since late February, according to new data.

Public Health England today warned that cases of Indian variants are doubling every 4.5 to 11.5 days across the UK region.

Infection increased by 30,000 per week, and experts suggest that the Delta variant is 60% more infectious than the Kent strain.

The highest levels of new Covid cases were confirmed in 8,125 new cases on Friday since February 26th. This corresponds to a 58.1 percent increase in confirmed infections weekly.

Data from the Zoe Covid Symptom Study Platform on June 11 confirmed 13,621 new cases of Covid. Most of them occurred in the northwest and Scotland.

According to the app, cases are declining and starting to increase from mid-April to late April.

The graph shows two past waves during a coronavirus pandemic. The first is in early November and the second is in mid-January.

The chart now looks like it marks the beginning of an upward turn pattern.

Speculation about the third wave prompted further rumors that the government could postpone the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions on June 21st.

Four tests must be met to continue unblocking.

These tests include continued success of vaccination programs, reduced hospitalization and mortality, non-threatening infection rates that do not threaten the NHS, and changes in risk due to changing concerns.

Currently, there are unconfirmed reports claiming that the easing of the blockade was officially transferred on July 19.

Latest Covid Data: Experts Warn About “Exponential Growth”-Are We Looking at the Third Wave? UK | News

Source Latest Covid Data: Experts Warn About “Exponential Growth”-Are We Looking at the Third Wave? UK | News

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