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Last attempt to stop Home Office deportation flight to Jamaica fails | Immigrants and asylum

The last legal attempt by two children to prevent many of the children on the controversial interior deportation flight to fly on Wednesday is just a few expected charter planes to take off. It failed a few hours ago.

The current deportation policy is illegal because the children, the two siblings who filed the proceedings on behalf of their father, were unable to adequately assess the best interests of the children of their parents who were trying to deport them. Insisted.

The child’s father was removed from the flight in another proceeding, but permission was denied to evaluate the best interests of all the children the father was planning to fly before the flight took off.

The philanthropic detention behavior that intervened in the case included suicidal ideation, hitting the head against a wall, depression, and some of the behaviors shown by children facing forced separation from their fathers for at least the next decade. He said it included suicidal ideation. ..

Many of the men who planned to board the plane were distraught in hopes of leaving their families and children in the UK.

One told the Guardian: “I’ve lived here for 20 years. What the Home Office is doing to us is like torture. They are killing us. My life is here and my kids We are here. I can’t tell the kids that I’m being deported. I’m neither a murderer nor a rapist. I made a mistake selling drugs. “

The children wanted to secure an injunction to prevent the plane from leaving until all the children who were about to be separated from their father were assessed. The case appeared on the Court of Appeals on Tuesday, was heard after hours, and ended around midnight. The application for the injunction was unsuccessful, but the proceedings continue.

In February of this year, the government deported 17 British residents to Jamaica. The Home Office had planned 50 deportations by plane, but the majority were suspended by an injunction from the Court of Appeals for access to judicial concerns.

On Tuesday evening, detainees were taken from three home office detention centers: Penin House in Manchester, Kornbrook near Heathrow Airport, and Brookhouse near Gatwick Airport. The largest number of planes aboard came from Brookhouse. Many in flight were removed from the plane after successful last-minute appeals related to individual cases. However, it is believed that about 20 people boarded the bus and boarded the plane.

According to Jamaica’s High Commissioner Seth Ramokhan, anyone arriving in the UK under the age of 12 will fly after a quiet agreement between the Interior Ministry and Jamaica not to take away those who came to the UK as children. It is believed that he was not on board.

Charter flights to Jamaica are particularly controversial because of the Windrush scandal and because some people designated for deportation came to the UK as children and had families there.

A series of protest letters were organized. One is from 82 black celebrities, including author Bernardine Evaristo, model Naomi Campbell, and historian David Olusoga, to avoid carrying up to 50 Jamaicans on interior deportation flights. I urged the airline.

Dozens of attorneys and barristers, including several NGOs and 11 QCs, have signed letters stating that deportation flights are illegal, unjust and racist.

More than 60 lawmakers and associates have signed a letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel, calling for the cancellation of the deportation flight.

Windrush lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie has accused the Interior Ministry of deciding to charter deportation flights.

“Deportation is at the pinnacle of a hostile environment,” she said. “It requires legislative changes and should appear in the work that the Home Office must do following a review of Windrush’s lessons.”

A home office spokesperson said: “We do not apologize for trying to eliminate dangerous foreign criminals to protect the safety of the public. Every week, we eliminate foreign criminals from the UK to various countries that do not have the right to come here. This flight is no exception. The people detained for this flight include convicted murderers and rapists. “

Last attempt to stop Home Office deportation flight to Jamaica fails | Immigrants and asylum

SourceLast attempt to stop Home Office deportation flight to Jamaica fails | Immigrants and asylum

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