Lady Gaga mistaken for Carol Vorderman with an 80’s-style mullet on the cover of Vogue.

Carol Vorderman fans took a double take when they found the latest Vogue cover.

For a while, an actress who turned into a singer will appear Lady GagaThe stylist’s choice of mullet was very similar to the vintage shots of the former Countdown Star.

Makeup artist Alexis Day used Instagram to claim that the pair looked like “twin”.

In one particular throwback snap, Carol, now 60, rocked a layered, reddish-brown look, like Monica Geller’s iconic “Dudley Moore” haircut friends.

Star, A person who recently celebrated his son’s graduation from collegeWearing a pink satin jacket with inflated shoulder pads, she showed a serious look to her pose.

Lady Gaga and Carol Vorderman were mistaken for each other by make-up artist Alexis Day

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The presenter also did a similar make-up in a magazine shoot for Lady Gaga, a superstar from the 80’s to 35 years old. It’s easy to see why this pair was mistaken for each other.

Alexis posted the two images side by side in the Instagram story, writing:

“@Carolvorders won it for me,” industry experts declared.

Carroll realized that everything was cheerful, reposted the image in her story, and joked, “I want,” with a laughing emoji.

Lady Gaga advertised her new House of Gucci in her magazine shoot

Carol Vorderman faints in a Navy ball gown when hosting the Pride of Britain Awards

“At first glance, I thought this was the legendary @carolvorders,” Alexis told his followers. “But apparently that Lady Gaga could be channeling some classic 80’s borders.”

“I think Vorderman in the UK needs #CarolVorderman for the cover instead of Mudge,” the make-up artist continued, adding that “in any case” she is “here.”

The star also insisted that once Carol got the cover for Vogue, she wanted to make herself.

In Lady Gaga’s photo shoot, where she saw her advertise her new movie House of Gucci starring with Adam Driver, she had blue striped 80’s haircuts and dramatic eyeshadow and contour makeup. I chose.

Carol’s throwback to the 1980s style in the countdown

The Oscar winner showed off her bold ensemble in a black and gold plunge dress featuring wavy sides and a wing-like design.

A fan joked when he saw Alexis’ post on Instagram.

“I’m alive for this story,” another commented.

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Lady Gaga mistaken for Carol Vorderman with an 80's-style mullet on the cover of Vogue.

Source link Lady Gaga mistaken for Carol Vorderman with an 80's-style mullet on the cover of Vogue.

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