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Labor should be in “permanent campaign mode” until next election, Sarvar says


Abur must be in “perpetual campaign mode” until the next general election to ensure the party returns to government, Anas Sarvar said.

The Scottish Labor Party spoke of his party’s readiness when it launched a new campaign on Saturday to “get out”. Boris Johnson From Downing Street.

Speaking to the PA news agency before the pre-election session in the Easter area of ​​the city, Mr. Sarvar said. Prime Minister – who survived the vote of confidence on Monday, whether 148 deputies voted against him, was a “disaster”.

Following the vote, Mr Johnson ruled out snap elections, meaning that Westminster’s next poll could run until January 2025.

“I think we need to be on a constant campaign, because I do not think we can underestimate the damage that Boris Johnson has done to our country,” Mr Sarvar said.

“He is a disaster as Prime Minister, but he is a gift to those who seek to destroy the United Kingdom. he is a gift SNP:It is a disaster for our country.

“So we have to be ready when that election takes place.

Mr Sarwar said Boris Johnson was a disaster for the country (Jane Barlow / PA) / PA wire

The leader of the Labor Party, which controlled Scotland’s local council election, where the party was increasing its council’s vote share, said it had to “win the argument” that the only way to oust Boris Johnson was to vote for Labor, as he had shown. . The pros of his party in government in Westminster.

To the question of whether the next campaign can focus more on individuals, as opposed to politics. The Labor Party’s opening speech focused on the actions of the Prime Minister and not on the policies of the government, Mr Sarwar said, adding that the party should take a “two-pronged” approach.

“One, it is very clear that we have a leader in Boris Johnson who is a disaster in terms of the post of prime minister, someone who is a charlatan, a liar, a liar, someone who has no moral compass. “To hold that position, that position, then we have to remove him,” he said.

He added. “But look, I do not want to just eliminate Boris Johnson, we also have to show in the coming weeks and months the difference that the Labor Party will make in power, both in terms of how we push democracy out. In our communities, but how we implement the socio-economic changes we need in our country to transform our country, only Labor can do that. ”

In any future election, Mr. Sarvar said, the priority “first and foremost” should be the cost-of-living crisis, followed by investment in public services and the improvement of the economy “to create jobs for the future.”

The spokesman of the Scottish Thor said. “Anas Sarvar talks about the gifts given to SNP, but it’s his. Labor Party who said that during the elections of the Council of Elders the BAK will be closed from the municipalities.

“Then they signed a coalition deal to bring the SNP to power in Galloway, Damfries.

“In the next general election, pro-British voters will not believe what Anas Sarwar said. “They know that if the Labor Party smells of power, they will make a deal with the SNP.”

SNP Westminster Deputy Chief of Staff Kirsten Oswald says Torins Being comfortable all over Scotland after the local elections in Scotland, being the handmaiden of the Thor government’s extreme Brexit, there is no doubt that only the SNP is holding the Thorins accountable in Westminster.

“Obviously, people in Scotland have to pay a heavy price for living with Westminster – savings savings, regressive NI growth, Universal Credit cuts, Brexit pressures.

“The only way to properly protect households is to become an independent country.”

Labor should be in “permanent campaign mode” until next election, Sarvar says

SourceLabor should be in “permanent campaign mode” until next election, Sarvar says

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