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Labor MEPs say Tories ‘bullied and rough-handled’ during fracking ban vote – LIVE | Politics

Labor MPs claim Tories were ‘bullied’ in voting lobby

Labor MP Chris Bryant said Rother Valley Conservative MP Alexander Stafford had been “treated badly” and “bullied” in the voting lobby.

Bryant told Sky News:

“There was a group that included some ministers and they were basically yelling at them. At least one member was physically pulled through the door into the voting lobby.”

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Aubrey Allegretti of The Guardian speculates on chief whips and lieutenants.

Deputy Chief of Staff Craig Whitaker yelled, “I’m furious and I don’t care anymore,” as he exited the ballot lobby, according to Tory MPs.

— Aubrey Allegretti (@breeallegretti) October 19, 2022

Sources close to the deputy prime minister said Therese Coffey denied that she had “handled” Tory MPs to force them to back the government in fracking votes.

“Of course she encouraged me. [Conservative] The member of parliament entered the government lobby, but she didn’t touch anyone,” they told PA news agency.

Torrey Rother Valley MP Alex Stafford said he had “candid and firm conversations” with government ministers after allegations he was “physically abused” by the “opposition” lobby. Stated.

There are many rumors going around tonight. This vote was never about fracking, it was about workers destabilizing the country and trying to control Congress. I had a candid and forceful conversation outside the voting lobby to confirm my opposition to fracking.

— Alexander Stafford MP (@Alex_Stafford) October 19, 2022

Liz Truss won’t vote in the fracking movement

No votes were recorded for 40 Tory MPs, including: Liz TrussBoris Johnson, Nadine Dries, David Davis, Greg Clarke, Sir Ian Duncan Smith, Kwasi Kwarten, Teresa May, Wendy Morton, Alok Sharma, Pretty Patel, Ben Wallace, Skye・The news reports.

This despite the whip of three lines and all Tories being told earlier they must vote for the government. They may be on vacation or on official business.

Labor MP Chris Bryant said Ministers Therese Coffey and Jacob Rhys-Mogg were among a group of Tory seniors who are pressuring Conservative MPs to vote against them. labor fracking movement.

Rees-Mogg denied this and told Sky News that “there was no action I saw” regarding cheating.

When asked if what he saw was bullying, he said: “From what I saw, no.”

“It’s not entirely clear what the status of the whipping is,” business secretary Jacob Reese-Mogg said in a statement announcing Wendy Morton’s resignation.

Labor MPs claim Tories were ‘bullied’ in voting lobby

Labor MP Chris Bryant said Rother Valley Conservative MP Alexander Stafford had been “hammered” and “bullied” in the voting lobby.

Bryant told Sky News:

“There was a group that included some ministers and they were basically yelling at them. At least one member was physically pulled through the door into the voting lobby.”

Labor leader Chris Bryant said he saw MPs “physically abused” and “bullied” in the voting lobby.

From Jane Merrick of i’s.

Commons veteran Chris Bryant said he saw members “physically abused” and bullied by the voting lobby and called for an investigation into what happened. say it violates the code of conduct for legislators

— Jane Merrick (@janemerrick23) October 19, 2022

Several MPs have previously tweeted about the chaos in the voting lobby and how the Tory whip allegations are “dragging people”.

I have never seen such a sight at the entrance of the voting lobby. Tory in open warfare. Jostring and Reese Mogg yell at their colleagues. A whip shouting at Tories.
They must be completed and a general election called.
Two Tory whips drag people in. Shocking.

— Ian Murray MP (@IanMurrayMP) October 19, 2022

We’ve just seen a Tory flogging rough-handle a weeping Tory MP and shove him into the lobby for shredding. It’s a nuisance to see Tories at work. If this is how they treat members of Congress and are willing to think for the country, then you couldn’t concoct this toxic stuff.

— Lloyd Russell Moyle MP🌹🏳️‍🌈 (@lloyd_rm) October 19, 2022

There is a massive Tory ruckus going on in the lobby, literally trying to force people through.a lot of anger

— Congressman Jess Phillips (@jessphillips) October 19, 2022

Thangam Debbonaire asked whether it was possible to confirm “strong rumors” that the government’s chief of staff had resigned following a vote on the Labor party’s fracking motion.

A Shadow Commons leader said: I wonder if we can get more clarity than rumors. “

She said, “Given that this is a matter of parliamentary discipline, I ask for your guidance.”

Vice-Chairman Dame Eleanor Lane replied: I have not been given such information. I don’t know more than that and it’s not the ordering point of the chair. “

Shadow Commons leader Tangam Debonair raised the Order’s points and said there were “very strong rumors” that the government’s chief whip, Wendy Morton, had stepped down.

Fracking Voting Results

On the motion: Should MPs make time to discuss fracking bans?

Members of Parliament voted in favor of the bill with 230 votes and against it with 326 votes.

Government wins the vote.

The UK risks setbacks for LGBT rights. kia starmer I warned you.

Speech at the PinkNews Awards 2022 labor The leader criticized “the rhetoric we see against trans people” and the use of minority rights for “tactical gain.”

Sir Kea also announced that his party would appoint an international LGBT rights envoy.

Conservative MPs said government front benches should “keep their heads down and be ashamed” because they said the government had “severely tested” the trust of Tory MPs.

Rushcliffe Conservative MP Ruth Edwards did not say she would vote against the government, saying: labor Party play by being in government for the day.

However, she told lawmakers: They enabled the opposition to force their colleagues to choose between voting against our manifesto or voting to lose the whip.

“They should look at the faces of their colleagues behind them, look at the faces of their colleagues who have fracking sites in their constituencies, and bow their heads.

“The Conservative government has always had my confidence, but its leadership today is severely testing my trust, and that of many of my colleagues, and I advise you never to do so again.”

MPs at 7:00 p.m. Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Government Amendment, which said the Labor Party’s motion, the debate on banning shale gas fracking, and the views of local governments must be taken into account when considering proposals for fracking. We will vote on the proposal.

Sally Wheel

Many in the higher education sector would have breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday night after hearing of Braverman’s resignation.

She has made no secret of the fact that she wants to limit the number of student visas and was expected to announce a number of immigration measures as early as Thursday.

Braverman added to previous suggestions about limiting the number of dependents for international students by limiting the number of places available or the length of time alumni are allowed to enter the graduate route for post-study work. It was thought that they were also considering limiting the Both would have influenced the recruitment of international students, especially in priority markets such as India.

The university now hopes Braverman’s resignation will signal a recent reorientation of government policy, with declining international student numbers undermining the sector’s financial resilience and adversely affecting the education home students receive. warned that it would undermine the capacity of the UK research base.

Nick Hillman, Director of the Institute for Higher Education Policy Research, said: It will face head-on economic growth, which is the government’s stated number one goal. ”

Mrs. Smith of Basildon, opposition leader in the House of Lords, said:

“We have also seen the damage to a prime minister who has lost the confidence of the public, parliament and of course her own party.

“What an embarrassment for the world’s media to pick up an economist editorial that the prime minister’s shelf life is likely to be shorter than lettuce.

“Frankly, the only reason she’s still there is that her parliamentarians, like this house, can’t change yet another leader without going to the country for a general election. Because I know

It’s a case of when, not if she’s kicked out. Looking at the bench on the other side, I have to say there will probably be a huge sigh of relief from the bench on the other side, who has been very honest with us and never supported her in the first place. ”

Speaking outside the Ministry of Home Affairs, the new Home Secretary, Grant Shapsadmitted that it was a “turbulent time” for the administration.

“I think the most important thing is to make sure people in this country know they are safe.”

Asked about details about immigration, he said, “I will refrain from commenting on details” after “10 minutes of work.”

Mr Shaps added that he “acknowledges that the government has had a difficult time”, but that “regardless of what is happening elsewhere in Westminster”, it will continue to do what it can in “key areas such as domestic affairs”. It is doubly important to do

Grant Shaps walking outside 10 Downing Street, London.
Grant Shaps walking outside 10 Downing Street, London. Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters

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