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Labor dismisses Tories claim of “strong” lobbying rules | Lobbying

Labor has accused the government of being too complacent about the lobbying crisis after ministers argued that the current rules were “quite good” and “quite solid.”

Administrator of the U.S. Environment, George Eustice, used the phrase in an interview to defend David Cameron’s lobbying on behalf of Greensil Capital, noting that government investigations into the case were not expected to make recommendations. Revealed.

The investigation ordered by No. 10, chaired by legal counsel Nigel Boardman, is: 1 of 7 The government, parliamentary commissions, and independent oversight of the issues raised after it was revealed that the former Prime Minister had lobbyed the Prime Minister via text message on behalf of his employer, Green Sill. It is carried out by the institution.

Boris Johnson was warned of the exposure of “Threes,” which also indicates that some civil servants are allowed to undertake lucrative private sector jobs while employed by the government. You may be responsible for the election.

Eustice, who is not personally involved in any of the lobbying activities, sought to downplay its importance in an interview with Sky’s Sophy Ridge and BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday morning.

He told Ridge: “I think the system in which the minister expresses his interest, focuses on the minister’s norms and how he behaves in his duties is actually pretty good.”

He acknowledged that the current rules may have “fine adjustments or changes.” However, he said the board’s review “does not require enforcement power” and did not even expect to make policy recommendations.

Eustis told Mar that “some very robust systems are in place” as a result of the changes made when Cameron was prime minister.

When Cameron was Prime Minister, the Lobbying Act was passed, creating compulsory registrations for those who work as lobbyists. However, the rule was only for third-party lobbying, not for the much more common type of in-house lobbying that Cameron took over. Green sill..

Shadow Cabinet Minister Rachel Reeves shrugged Eustis’s comment in the interview, “Scandal? What kind of scandal?”

She continued. “People know that a cozy relationship between Conservative governments, commercial lobbyists, and taxpayer money stinks. That’s one rule for them, not for everyone else. It is a rule of.

“There is no need for the” tweaks “that Eustice said might be considered today. We need to tackle the Tories Threes with a complete, independent and transparent investigation. And stronger measures are needed to bring integrity and honor back to the center of government. “

An interview with Eustice took place at the same time that Sunday Times published an email sent by Cameron to Matthew Gould, head of NHSX, the digital services division of health services, in April last year, when Gould published the Greensill app Earnd. I asked if it would help to enable access to the NHS. Salary data.

Cameron emphasized that the Greensill Service was valued by the general public and the government, saying that Earnd would bring “significant benefits to the NHS as a whole” as staff would have early access to salaries. Stated.

However, despite the email, NHSX did not centrally sign up for the Earnd scheme and Greensill is now in control.

Eustis, a spokesman for Cameron when he was leader of the opposition, was asked in an interview with Ma if he thinks Cameron did something wrong.

Cameron resigned five years ago and he said he was eligible to find another career. Eustis replied when former Prime Minister Cameron was told by him that he was far more influential than others when lobbying Whitehall.

Labor dismisses Tories claim of “strong” lobbying rules | Lobbying

SourceLabor dismisses Tories claim of “strong” lobbying rules | Lobbying

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