Kylie Jenner postponed the launch of the Holiday Makeup line after fans blamed the family for a “Tone Def” post after the Astroworld tragedy.

Kylie Jenner has postponed the launch of the Christmas make-up line as fans continue to blame the family for “Tone Def” social media posts after the Astroworld tragedy.

Cosmetology tycoon Dropped a festive collection with Kylie Cosmetics on November 19th for the past four years in a row and promoted it in the days leading up to its release.


Kyrie’s cosmetics line has only promoted old products on social media since the festivalCredit: Instagram


Kylie Cosmetics dropped the Kylie x Zagrinch collection on November 19th last yearCredits: Kylie Cosmetics

But in the scandal of her baby dad Travis Scott’s festival, fans have been waiting this year as there are still no signs of a 2021 palette and lip kit.

As reported, 10 people were killed and more than 100 were injured after a crowd surged towards the stage at a concert in Houston, Texas on November 5. Fans are seeking billions of dollars in damages.

Kylie has been largely silent on social media since the tragedy. Her business shares her first repost on Monday, showing her regular lip kit, despite Black Friday and the festive season approaching.

Fans speculate on the new drop on Twitter and post: .. It doesn’t look good. “

Second, sharing that Kylie feels that she should focus on sending money to Astroworld victims, “No one intends to buy your Christmas collection, don’t advertise it enough. There is money, he becomes humble, and the members die. “

Third question: “When will you see this year’s Christmas collection?”

“I think she should still quietly drop it,” while another supported Kyrie’s business.

The Holiday Collection has not yet appeared on the Kylie Cosmetics website and has not been updated for fans through her mailing list. Sun can be confirmed.

Every November, Kylie Cosmetics dropped a new festive line, and she did her best to launch Grinch in 2020, but the previous year included the Baby It’s Cold Outside and Santa Claus collections. rice field.

The sun asked Kyrie’s representative for comment.

The 24-year-old was previously blown up after Astroworld by breaking a few weeks of silence to promote a fashion brand with her sister Kendal.

Clothing line Kendall + Kylie posted a video of a KUGTK star modeling a new range of designs to celebrate the opening in the United Arab Emirates.

Kylie-Who Pregnant her second child -And 26-year-old Kendal smoldered in a series of sports gorgeous outfits and pouted at the camera of the promotional video.

The clip also shared a glimpse of the new store in the line filled with brothers’ designs.

Hiding in LA

The Kendall + Kylie Instagram account posted a video last Wednesday with the caption “We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to purchase the #kendallandkylie style at UAE @ #thedubaimall #thegalleriauae.” Did.

One disgusted fan wrote on Twitter: 9 year old boy..Ezra [Blount]..

“In honor of the dead, stop whiplashing with IG even if you’re not cold.”

Another share: “Goodbye girl. It’s very rude to market your clothes at times like this.”

Sun also revealed last week that Kylie and her three-year-old daughter Stormi were hiding with LA’s family from her $ 36.5 million mansion in a murder threat to tragedy after returning from Houston. bottom.

The star, which owns many properties, purchased a vast main compound in Holmby Hills in April 2020. This compound has 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

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The insider said:

“It’s a really difficult time, especially for her pregnant. She wants time to handle what happened at Astroworld and personally support the very upset Travis.”

NS Pregnant star Departing Houston on another plane for her millions of white and pink jets, Stay covered in darkness With her young daughter she shares with Travis Scott.

Death threat

“Kylie and her team waited until late and left home in a black car heading to the airport. They didn’t want to be seen by anyone,” said one source.

Kylie I posted a statement earlier In her Instagram story to honor the victims, she said: I am deeply concerned about his fans and the Houston community. “

Stormi was in the VIP box with her mother Kylie at the festival. Meaww There is a previously reported photo of her wearing headphones and having fun with Kylie and her aunt Kendall Jenner.

Star Later, after a surge of deadly crowds, they were seen rushing out of the area, but sources told the Sun that they were unaware of the dead until late at night.

She announced on September 7 to 280 million Instagram followers that she was pregnant with her second child with her on / off boyfriend Scott, but the baby’s gender and due date are still revealed. not.


Her baby dad, Travis Scott, is facing multiple proceedings after 10 deaths at his concert.Credit: Getty


The 24-year-old billionaire has been silent on Instagram since the tragedy, just posting a homage to the victims of Astroworld.Credit: Instagram


Kyrie’s Holiday Collection drops every year before Black Friday, but fans are still waitingCredits: Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Jenner broke weeks of silence to promote a fashion brand with her sister Kendall after the Astroworld tragedy.

Kylie Jenner postponed the launch of the Holiday Makeup line after fans blamed the family for a “Tone Def” post after the Astroworld tragedy.

Source link Kylie Jenner postponed the launch of the Holiday Makeup line after fans blamed the family for a “Tone Def” post after the Astroworld tragedy.

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