Kristen Stewart talks about how she was absorbed in the princess for the new movie Spencer

The film is presented in a mysterious way as “a parable from a true tragedy.” On a sunny winter day in 1991, Princess Diana – All cortic limbs, thick blonde hair, and unforgettable giant blue eyes – bring her little convertible sports car from the Norfolk countryside Royal family‘NS Christmas Gather in Sandlingham.

Unfortunately, not a little symbolically, she got lost on the way. After looking up the map in vain, she stopped in the garage and sought help from apparently non-royal people there.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I’m looking somewhere. I have no idea where I am.”

And in a direct plea for relationships, says Kristen Stewart, whose portrayal of the highly beloved princess, who died in Pablo Larraín’s next movie Spencer, has already created the topic of Oscar, You have the power of Diana’s charm in a nutshell.

Kristen Stewart, 31, (pictured), starred as Princess Diana in an imaginary description of Pablo Larraín’s new movie Spencer’s three-day Christmas holiday in Sandringham.

Kristen said she was

Kristen said she was “engaged” in seeing the crown to immerse herself in the identity of Princess Diana (pictured in 1989).

“She was touched,” says Kristen. “Even when she looks the most beautiful and most fulfilling, she can take off her shoes, go out with you, ask what you are, and touch your face. I think I can, and you will feel that honesty from her.

“But ironically, she was also the least known person, and she was the most isolated person you could think of, at least in the three days we imagine in the movie.”

The film doesn’t claim to be a historic reportage, but the imaginary description of a three-day Christmas holiday in Sandringham finally reveals that Diana is unable to maintain her ten-year marriage with Charles. I accepted.

It was the royal drama Ala the Crown, a little threat (for example, who left the biography of Anne Boleyn, the royal wife who spurred another spur on Diana’s bedroom, and was suffocated. ?), And a fascinating mixture of pure surrealism moments, as Diana’s anguish and suffocation in the increasingly hostile environment of the royal family threatens to swallow her.

“But it doesn’t go into any nasty details,” says Kristen, 31.

“It’s really just an imagination of the three-day period when everything was the heaviest for her. It’s more about her internal experience than anything else.”

Kristen (pictured) said her favorite shooting scene included Diana immersing herself in dance.

Kristen (pictured) said her favorite shooting scene included Diana immersing herself in dance.

For Chile-born Pablo Larraín, best known for Jackie before this movie, the story of another iconic woman, Jacqueline Kennedy, is the decision to set Spencer in such a short period of time. It was intentional.

“I find the story you can tell interesting when you see someone at a very specific moment of the crisis, rather than going through a long period of life,” he says. “Then you can really get to know the person, and this was the considerable crisis Diana was facing.

“She was a fairy tale that captured billions of imaginations around the world. She was the woman who was chosen as the prince, eventually became the queen, and lived happily forever. Part of her adulthood was I think it’s a realization that life isn’t like that. Instead, we have to move away from the idea of ​​becoming a queen because we realize that what we really want is ourselves. It is a princess.

“And even though they call Sandringham an English home, it’s beautiful to see it in a compressed time and in a single space at this castle. Looking at Diana there, with tradition There are characters trapped in history.

“She begins to break and becomes almost ghostly for a while, then she comes back and heals and is ready to move on.”

Dancing Diana … and all that jazz

The movie is definitely intense, but in one montage you can see Diana losing herself in a dance. Kristen says those scenes were her favorite shoot.

“I felt more joy in making this movie than ever before. I felt more free, lively and able to move. I was taller!

“The best day for me was to shoot a part of the dance montage. The only plan was to choose the look, room, and song, including Talking Heads, Miles Davis, and Lou Reed. Then it just lives in that space and makes it possible to take your overall impression of everything you’ve learned about Diana, push it in an instant and make it physical. And if it wasn’t jazz, I wouldn’t know what it was. “

Kristen Stewart from LA, who became famous for playing high school student Bella Swan in the popular Twilight Saga movie series, is an American from cut glass vowels to her trademark head tilt, to her toes, but Diana’s capsule. It’s creepy.

Still, she admits that her reaction was one of distrust when she was first offered that role. “When I first talked to Pablo, he wasn’t writing the script,” she recalls.

‘He just said,’ Have you ever thought of this person? I’m going to make a movie, and I think it’s you. And I thought, “I think you’re crazy.”

Distrust turned into horror when she actually signed up for the role.

“I thought,” Oh, s ***, this is a big deal-I don’t want to spoil it! “She laughs. “But I think the only thing that can ease that tension is that I can only do the best I can. Besides, there is no only way to do this.

“Reading all the memoirs about Diana, we can see that everyone feels different about her. Every photographer sees her from a different perspective, and she feels different every day. Therefore, there is no way to do it right or wrong. “

To immerse herself in Diana’s identity, she became “crazy” to see the “crown” – “it’s so amazing!” – And the princess while she fell asleep at night. I saw an interview with.

“I didn’t feel like I was impressing her because I wanted to keep her voice in mind. The people you know best in life-when you talk about them, you immediately People who fall into their voices-I wanted that feeling.

“I wanted to wrap her up and dive into her skin. Not only did I feel like I was wearing a costume or wig, but I was really walking in her shoes.”

She also took a crash course at Etiquette in the UK.

“We had a royal adviser to tell us everything you couldn’t know as an outsider. I learned to bow-you did it. Not low at all, or you learned to fall-and I learned, for example, that you weren’t supposed to go to the kitchen and steal food, someone has to do it to you Please bring it.

“There was always someone around to make sure we stayed genuine and didn’t compromise what we were trying to do. I think I was okay, but I As soon as I leave the offset, I have to confess that my Curtsy has gone out of the window! “

Kristen said Princess Diana was the most beloved and most rejected person in the world.Photo: The royal family of Sandlingham in the movie

Kristen said Princess Diana was the most beloved and most rejected person in the world.Photo: The royal family of Sandlingham in the movie

Another thing she learned was that she must have felt trapped in a golden cage.

“Judging from where I stand, she had little control over her life. It was all about this negotiation. The highs and lows were equally extreme, she was the most beloved person in the world. And at the same time most rejected.

“I think what’s really sad about her is that she felt very isolated and lonely, just as she was normally disarmed. As a person, it can be said that the Englishman generally has a stiff spirit in the upper lip, but with Diana I saw her picture and even a small video clip for a moment shook the ground. Feels like, and you don’t know what will happen.

“She really sticks out as a sparkling force, and the house is just burning. Some people are blessed with undeniable penetrating energy, and she was one of them.

She was able to wield power like a banshee

“She made everyone else feel supported by this beautiful kind of light, but in reality we are mirrors of each other, what you give is what you get, she All she wanted was to get it back. She couldn’t really define her power, but she definitely felt it.

“She will sometimes behave like a banshee. Some staff said,” She tore me, “but then sometimes she would look very normal and small.

“She was really convinced only by her children, and that was the most certain thing ever. Pablo is very good at helping him because he himself is a dad. , I was able to confirm that the small core of the movie was solid.

Overall, Kristen says he has moved away from experience by gaining a better understanding of the challenges facing all members of the royal family.

“In every aspect of life, you may feel that you have to do it. Then you grow up and you realize that you don’t have to do all of them, and you are who you are. You will be able to choose whether it is.

“I realized that I was allowed to make mistakes, so I didn’t feel anything like the rigidity imposed on Diana. That’s the big difference between the work of an actor and the work of someone in the royal family. They keep together the ideal that is supposed to keep the whole country together. “

She also came with deep praise for Diana’s courage in ending her marriage.

“One of my friends had a terrible farewell lately, and I made this movie, and I then looked at her and said,” Hey, you choose what you want to do You can, some pre-destined roads. Sometimes your life may feel like you’re happening to you rather than controlling it, but in fact You can just grab the bridle.

“But it’s hard to make such a choice, and it takes the ball because it’s scary. But it’s possible.”

As Diana herself proved.

Spencer has been in the cinema since Friday, November 5th.

Kristen Stewart talks about how she was absorbed in the princess for the new movie Spencer

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