Kourtney Kardashian urges fans to “spread love” after blaming “disgusting” posts in the Astroworld tragedy

Kourtney Kardashian urged fans to “spread love” after being accused of her “disgusting” posts in the Astroworld tragedy.

Nine people were killed in a shocking incident at NRG Park in Houston, Texas.


Kourtney Kardashian urges fans to “spread love” after she digs into a “disgusting” post.Credit: Instagram / kourtneykardash


Reality stars continue to share their sexy photos after the tragedy of Astroworld, which killed nine peopleCredit: Instagram

Kardashian Family Alum, 42, visited the Instagram story and shared a snapshot of the four sticky notes that created the sentence “Let’s spread love.”

Courtney also used the story to promote her company, Push.

However, the three mothers have recently been soaked in hot water because of their various harsh names because of her post after Travis Scott’s concert.

Courtney started the controversy on social media Share ads about her company, It showed her wearing black gloves, lingerie and having a drink.

In no time, the words “Your Push-approved Christmas list” were written.

People weren’t happy at all as they did Reddit Expressing their frustration with the seemingly lack of awareness of reality stars.

Some write:

“Edit: She’s not responsible, of course, this is a deaf sound like f ** k.”

Check out Travis Scott Astroworld Festival’s live blog for the latest news and updates …

Another said, “Yes, this is her dislike,” but one added, “Are there anyone expecting something more from Courtney?”

It didn’t stop Courtney from sharing more posts afterwards Relax in bed for sexy photos afterwards Showed off her cleavage In a bra with black straps and a matching skirt.

Shocking tragedy

Nine people were killed and hundreds more were injured on the first night of the event. Astroworld Festival November 5.

The crowd reportedly soared towards the stage while the rapper was playing. Authorities claimed that a large group began to “compress toward the front of the stage” around 9:15 pm, causing a panic.

Samuel Penha, chief of the Houston Fire Department, said at the time, “Massive casualties“Is triggered at 9:38 pm and an investigation is underway.

Following the tragic event, other members of the Kardashian family, especially Courtney’s sister Chloe, were blamed for their post.

Chloe backlash

Just two days after the incident, 37-year-old Chloe used social media to share a sexy selfie with Scott Disick.

Chloe, wearing a black high-necked top, opened her mouth to the camera while Scott put her arms around her.

A mom wrote on the photo, “About last night …”.

“The caption she wrote was literally the most dishonest ever. I’m sorry, you spent your life time while people were dying at your sister’s baby dad’s concert,” fans replied. I did.

Chloe then Share your snaps in a light bodysuit, Brought more backlash.

Travis, 30 and his Baby mom Kylie Jenner says that both make-up tycoons are “Broken and devastated.. “

Kylie (24 years old) I tried not to share anything Others on social media since her response.


She recently flaunted her cleavage with a spinning head photoCredits: Instagram / Courtney Kardashian


Travis Scott’s concert in Houston was dubbed “Massive Casualties”Credit: Reuters
Kourtney Kardashian brags about sister Chloe and topless signage after posting “Tone Def” following Astroworld’s tragedy

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Kourtney Kardashian urges fans to “spread love” after blaming “disgusting” posts in the Astroworld tragedy

Source link Kourtney Kardashian urges fans to “spread love” after blaming “disgusting” posts in the Astroworld tragedy

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