Kourtney Kardashian flaunts cleavage by revealing the top after defeating a “disgusting” post in Astroworld’s death

Kourtney Kardashian apparently flaunted her cleavage at the top after upsetting fans with her apparent lack of awareness of the Astroworld tragedy.

Despite the fatal incident at the festival last week, reality stars continue to post sultry photos on social media.


Courtney flaunted cleavage with a mirror selfie after offending fans by not dealing with the Astroworld incident.Credits: Instagram / Courtney Kardashian


Nine people died at the Astroworld Festival while Travis Scott was playingCredit: Getty

Courtney, 42, used an Instagram story to share some of her mirror shots that modeled a black strap bra and a black skirt.

In an instant, the star stood under the spotlight in the closet and posed for a selfie with bare feet.

She included a caption: “omg @stassibaby Am I doing the upper right?” Called her sister Kylie Jenner’s BFF.

Then she zoomed in on the second photo, covered her face with hair and selected a black and white filter.

KUWTK’s Alum later shared his sister Kim brothers snap Go out with Courtney’s fiancé Travis Barker and family friend La La Anthony.

Courtney’s cleavage was fully exhibited in a tight gray corset with half-arm sleeves and black trousers.

Earlier this week, Poosh’s founders took him to the platform Promote her lifestyle brand with more conservative clothing.

E! The star wore a stunning white nightie with the collar unbuttoned.

She slipped under a magnificently sized bed cover as her long black hair ran down the sleeves of her arms.

The caption says “Morning essentials for less than $ 50”.

The last time Courtney advertised Push, she posed in black gloved lingerie and I have a drink in her hand.

The captions are as follows: “Your Push-approved Christmas list”.

Angry fan

Unfortunately, the Kardashian family’s uproar fans Reddit Expressing their frustration with the apparent lack of consciousness of TV stars.

Some write:

“Edit: She’s not responsible, of course, but this is deaf like f ** k.”

Another person chimed, “Yes, this is her dislike.”

A third critic added, “Who is expecting something more from Courtney?”

Horrible incident

Nine People are dead Hundreds more were injured during the Astroworld Festival’s opening night while Courtney’s sister Kylie and Travis Scott, who was hoping for a second child, were playing.

The crowd reportedly soared towards the stage while the rappers were performing at the 3rd Astroworld Festival at NRG Park in Houston.

Texas officials claimed that the crowd began to “compress toward the front of the stage” around 9:15 pm, which caused a panic.

Following the tragic event, members of the Kardashian family were accused of seemingly ignoring what had happened.

More family backlash

Khloe Kardashian, 37, was also called in for posting a sexy selfie with Scott Disick, 38, from the same night as the concert.

Chloe, wearing a black high-necked top, opened her mouth to the camera while Scott put her arms around her.

A mom wrote on the photo, “About last night …”.

However, Chloe fans were disappointed with the post and the “dishonest” caption because the photo was from a concert night.

One shocked believer said, “The caption she wrote was literally the most dishonest ever. I’m sorry, you spent your life time while people were dying at your sister’s baby dad’s concert. rice field.”

Another wrote: “The range of vanity does not stop astonishing me.”

Third anger: “Chloe’s head literally didn’t seem to think about anything, just a good photo.”

Slamming travis

Even Courtney’s fiancé Travis felt the wrath of an angry fan at the age of 45. Instagram posts are “insensitive”.

The Blink-182 drummer shared photos with children in Halloween costumes, Alabama (15), Landon (18), and stepdaughter Atiana de la Hoya (22).

After a recent tragedy, fans struck a rock for a “very wrinkled” post.

The angry fan yelled, “I have no sympathy or sympathy. Money and all these idiots are more money.”

Another angry fan added: Warn all of you stfu, regardless of mother. “


Courtney was accused by fans who called her recent post “disgusting” and called her “deaf.”Credit: Instagram


The star not only posts sultry photos on her page, but also promotes her Poosh brand.Credits: Instagram / Courtney Kardashian


Travis Scott expects a second child with Courtney’s sister Kylie JennerCredit: Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian brags about sister Chloe and topless signage after posting “Tone Def” following Astroworld’s tragedy

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Kourtney Kardashian flaunts cleavage by revealing the top after defeating a “disgusting” post in Astroworld’s death

Source link Kourtney Kardashian flaunts cleavage by revealing the top after defeating a “disgusting” post in Astroworld’s death

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