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Kneeling Tea: Would I be happier if I quit the TV dinner? | TV & Radio

given names: Tea on the lap.

AKA: Terry dinner, TV dinner.

age: People who are as old as TV and find it more fun to eat in front of TV than TV Family table.

We ate dinner – tea / supper / supper (deleted depending on class and location) – in front of the sofa / chaise longue / sofa (same as above) instead of the table as in the past. Terry, is that so? exactly.

And you have my favorite program, Master Chef Spagbol Rather than clumsyly asking my family, “How was your job today?” Or: “WDid you learn hats at school? “ Or have a large row. Or, worse, silence, Except for the sad sound of cutlery in China followed by self-conscious chewing? Probably. It’s interesting that you have to choose Master Chef.

why? John Trod doesn’t think so.

What do you think? The· chef The co-host does not approve tea on the lap.

You’re Australian so you’ll think he’s more relaxed.. Then you will be wrong and you are a cultural stereo typist. “We will never eat food in front of the TV,” he said.

“we”? John and his wife, actor Lisa Faulkner. “I don’t know why people want to put food on their lap and dribble everywhere on their shirts and clean sofas,” he continued. “A sofa for sitting, having fun and relaxing. Not for eating.”

A clean sofa? !! Yeah, John wasn’t around us either. But that’s one of the benefits of tea on your lap. If nothing is in it, or if it has a munch, there are usually some potato chips behind the cushion.

Greg Wallace must be kneeling down and drinking tea. number! “When I get home, I have a family with a bottle of wine around the table,” he said. “Without them, I would be really lonely now.”

I feel like I’m having dinner together Wallace every night – never leave the TV, is he in the factory or Shout out to the spanish people At his big weekend away?? He likes JAMÓNIBÉRICO, right?

I have a headache just thinking about it. Are they shooting their feet and the TV presenter banning TV? They don’t ban it, they don’t want you to see them while you’re eating your dinner.

What time is MasterChef? Are you my dad? Have you heard of it? You can watch TV whenever you like these days. But if you’re my dad, the first episode of the new series will come out on Monday at 9pm and then at 8pm.

Then it’s too late for tea. Well, it depends on your working days, culture, etc. In Spain, 8 pm is around lunch time.

please tell me: “I have never seen Greg Wallace while eating.”

Don’t say: “Thanks to all these TV dinners, my couch has a nice butter biscuit base.”

Kneeling Tea: Would I be happier if I quit the TV dinner? | TV & Radio

Source Kneeling Tea: Would I be happier if I quit the TV dinner? | TV & Radio

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