Kimberley Walsh says his sister Amy will be “the best mummy in the world”

Girls Aloud Star Kimberley Walsh I’m very excited about her sister, Amy Walsh, Becoming a mother, I am confident that her sister will be “the best mummy in the world”.

Kimberly, 40, who has a husband, Justin Scott, and three sons, says her sister, Amy, 34, has practiced a lot with her nephew.

Speak exclusively all right! At Amy’s baby shower, Kimberly said, “I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see my little niece and nephew. You’ll be the best mummy in the world.

“You are with me [our other sister] Sally, our boys, and I thought no one was ready for this job. We love you very much. “

Amy Walsh and her sister celebrated in her baby shower

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Kimberly gave birth to a third baby, Nate, in June this year. He also shares his son Bobby (6 years old) and Cole (4 years old) with her husband.

Emmerdale Actress Amy welcomed all right! Where to take her baby shower Kimberly and his sister Sally attended.

Amy hoping for her first child Eastenders Actor Toby Alexander Smith was shining in a gorgeous red velvet dress.

40 of her close friends and family, including sisters, participated Kimberley Walsh And 34-year-old Sally Shepard showed her little child arriving soon on a gorgeous day at Leeds’ Fabersham.

Kimberly is Amy "The best mummy in the world"
Kimberly said Amy would be “the best mummy in the world”

Thanks to the personal poems Sally read, and thanks to the video editing that Amy was an aunt made by Kimberly, there was a lot of personal touch that made Amy feel a little more emotional.

“I didn’t have dry eye in my house,” says Amy, who plays Tracy Metcalf in Emmerdale. “It was a very moving day.”

Amy co-stars such as Fiona Wade, Michelle Hurdwick, Laura Norton, Natalie Anne Jamison, Olivia Bromley, Gemma Atkinson and Luisa Klein also attended.

Amy had many famous companions in her bash
Amy had many famous companions in her bash

And as Amy’s deadline approaches before and after Christmas, the star counts the days until her and her partner, EastEnders actor Toby Alexander Smith, 30, arrives with a bunch of joy. Is called.

“He’s very excited,” says Amy. “He keeps ordering small costumes for babies and calls them costumes!”

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Kimberley Walsh says his sister Amy will be "the best mummy in the world"

Source link Kimberley Walsh says his sister Amy will be "the best mummy in the world"

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