Kim Nung Hired by Miami Marlins as First Female General Manager of US Sports | Sports

The Miami Marlins hired Kimun as the next general manager, making her the first female GM in Major League Baseball history.

“It’s an honor for my career to lead the Miami Marlins after decades of determination,” Ng said in a statement. “When I entered this business, it seemed unlikely that women would lead a major league team, but I’m crazy about pursuing my goals. My goal is now in Miami. Bringing championship baseball. “

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Making history by bringing a life of excellence, Kim Nung steers as GM. #JuntosMiami

November 13, 2020

According to the Marlins, 51-year-old Ng is considered to be the first female general manager of a men’s team in major professional sports in North America.

She has been Senior Vice President of Baseball at the Commissioner’s Office since 2011 and reports to Joe Torre. She previously worked at the Los Angeles Dodgers (2002-2011), New York Yankees (1998-2001), and Chicago White Sox (1990-1996) front offices.

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter played for the Yankees while working for the Yankees. The team won the World Series in three of the four years at the club.

“We look forward to bringing Kim to Miami Marlins with a wealth of knowledge and championship-level experience,” Jeter said in a statement. “Her leadership of our baseball team plays a major role in our path to lasting success.

“In addition, her extensive efforts to expand youth baseball and softball initiatives continue to have a positive impact on the South Florida community, strengthening efforts to grow the game among local youth. To do.”

The Queens native is the fifth person to hold the Marlins’ top position in baseball operations, succeeding Michael Hill, who has not been held since the 2020 season.

The Marlins made tremendous progress in the third year of Jeter’s rebuilding efforts, reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2003 and dominating the Chicago Cubs in a wild card round. They were attacked by the Atlanta Braves of the National League Division Series.

Ng’s virtual press conference is scheduled for Monday.

Ng started his baseball career as a White Sox intern and was promoted to assistant director of baseball management. After working in the American League for a year, she joined the Yankees, became MLB’s youngest assistant general manager at the age of 29, and was the only woman to win that position in a major league club. She was the Dodgers Vice President and Assistant General Manager.

Ng, along with MLB, led the operation of international baseball and worked with the front offices of major league clubs and many other baseball leagues and organizations around the world. She leads a team that sets and enforces policies for international signature rules, establishes MLB’s first system for registering international players for signing, manages protocols for signing international players, and Negotiated an agreement with the International Winter League.

Ng graduated from the University of Chicago, where he played softball and earned a degree in public policy.

Kim Nung Hired by Miami Marlins as First Female General Manager of US Sports | Sports

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