Kim Kardashian’s party at a friend’s wedding with Chloe, Courtney and Kendall while Kylie Jenner is silent on social media

Kim Kardashian celebrated her friend’s wedding with her sister while Kylie Jenner remained silent on social media.

The reality star was significantly missing from her brother’s post and was away from her account together last night.


Almost all of the Kardashian Fuss sisters attended the wedding of their friend Simon Huck over the weekendCredit: Instagram


Women shared the moment from the evening on social mediaCredit: Instagram

Kylie seems to have opted out to attend the wedding of her family friend Simon Hack on the weekend because her sister shared a memorable moment in the evening.

Chloe, 37, shared some photos on Instagram from a special day, became friends with BFF Maliqa Haqq, and took some shots with Queer Eye star Tan France.

Mom also posted her clip dancing with other guests, wearing a black strapless gown and black gloves.

The TV star pulled her blonde hair back into a high ponytail and completed the look with large gold diamond-shaped hanging earrings.

She also took a group shot with her sister Kendall Jenner, 26, and her friend Hailey Beaver, who was also present.

Sister Courtney, 42, and her fiancé Travis Barker shared a snapshot from the reception and showed off a personalized menu laid out for each guest at the table.

The menu has sketches of individual guests on the cover, much like a pair.

Courtney was also discovered Straddle her rocker bow When the crowd explodes the song while DJ is playing the Blink-182 drummer’s hit, All the Small Things.

Travis, 45, was staring at the prospective bride with a smile while KEWTK’s Alum was dancing on his lap.

Another guest recorded the moment and appeared on social media.

Kim’s speech

41-year-old Kim played an important role in the wedding. Humorous and heartfelt speech To honor the groom.

The model wore a stunning blue gown, holding a microphone and enjoying her marriage history.

She was “confused” about the marriage, so Kim “did not know what advice to give” to the newlyweds.

The TV star “learned a lot” and provided tips on how to view wedding photos.

After learning Simon “more than 15 years” and Phil “for a long time,” Kim concludes:

“I know true love when I see it.”

Kim Apply for divorce From her ex-Kanye West, 44, she returned in February after seven years of marriage.

She previously married music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004 and was married to NBA player Kris Humphries 72 days later before applying for a divorce.

Kyrie’s silence

Kylie while the rest of the Kardashian Jenner family are celebrating the newlyweds Quiet on her social media page..

Since November 4th, when she supported her sister Kendal in a charity softball game, beauty tycoons haven’t posted on Instagram.

The next night, a fatal incident occurred at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, crushing concert attendees during the performance of his boyfriend Travis Scott.

As a result of stampede, nine people were killed and hundreds were injured.

The 24-year-old model attended the show with her and rapper’s three-year-old daughter, Stormy, who claims she was unaware of the seriousness of the incident at the time.

Since then, indignant fans have called for boycotting Kyrie’s beauty products.

Comments on Kyrie’s latest post include fans who say they won’t buy her product anymore.

One person wrote: “Not followed! Never buy your product again!”

“YOU ARESO CANCELED” has been posted in another post.

“People really need to stop helping the Kardashian family turmoil. Stop buying their products.” I read another post.

Another user said, “I’m not being followed. I don’t support murder.”

“Broken and devastated”

Fans got angry with Kylie after she shared a post from a concert showing an ambulance in the crowd.

The next day, she posted an Instagram article:

“My thoughts and prayers are directed to everyone who was killed, injured, or somehow affected by yesterday’s events, and to Travis, who cares deeply about his fans and the Houston community. I am. “

Fans have noticed Kyrie’s silence on social media, but the Kardashian family’s alum may have reduced wages by not posting.

Pregnant reality stars reportedly earn over $ 1 million for every post on Instagram’s personal page, and they usually post daily, if not often.

Kyrie’s Instagram posts range from personal photos and videos of her daily life to snapshots to promote her numerous brands.

Kylie herself, and her brands Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Baby, and Kylie Swim, haven’t posted anything since the horrific incident happened.

Her brand usually posts multiple times daily, perhaps promoting direct sales.

In addition, all brand accounts have closed comments.

Crisis mode

Kyrie’s mother, Kris Jenner, is reportedly in “crisis mode” because beauty tycoons “may lose millions” from her beauty line.

The founders of Kylie Cosmetics are at risk of losing their business partnership after Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy, sources told Sun exclusively.

Travis has been accused of continuing to play, despite seeing ambulances passing through the crowd and fans repeatedly chanting “stop the show.”

It is now believed that the beauty brand of rapper Baby Mama will be adversely affected.

A source close to the Kardashian family told The Sun: “Kylie feels the weight of this, and above all, the victims want to do it right.

“I know people don’t think she cares, but she really cares.

“At the same time, she is a businessman responsible for the lives of many people.


“She feels like she’s in a losing situation because she wants to take the time to respect the victims of Astroworld, but at the same time she employs a lot of people.”

Insiders continue as follows:

“We’re talking about potentially millions of dollars in losses.”

Source claimed Kylie She is cautious about how to move her brand forward, saying: This tragedy.

“So she feels that loss in a way.

“She works closely with her mother as both managers, but also relies on emotional support.

“Chris is in a crisis and is still thinking about the best way to handle this.”

However, Kyrie officials shut out sources’ claims when contacted by Sun.

The person in charge said, “Your information is incorrect.”


Kylie didn’t appear in any of the photos because she remained silent on social media after the Astworld tragedy.Credits: Social Media-See Source


Nine died at the festival while her boyfriend Travis Scott was playingCredit: Getty


According to sources, Kylie has lost millions of dollars away from the platform, so it remains quiet on social media.Credits: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
Kim Kardashian admits that he “doesn’t understand the marriage” after divorcing three times during his speech at Simon Huck’s wedding.

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Kim Kardashian’s party at a friend’s wedding with Chloe, Courtney and Kendall while Kylie Jenner is silent on social media

Source link Kim Kardashian’s party at a friend’s wedding with Chloe, Courtney and Kendall while Kylie Jenner is silent on social media

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