Kim Kardashian fans share the theory of why she only wears bodysuits and gloves

Fans Kim Kardashian She recently shared a theory about why she is wearing a series of bodysuits and gloves to cover her skin.

Recently 41 years old Spared expensive things on her Christmas light display in her mansion, This year I brought out some great looks. She had to show them off in an Instagram collage on Thursday, December 30th for 274 million fans to see.

Much of her looks were bodysuits. The complete black Balenciaga she wore to Met Gala in September, The incredible pink bodysuit she wore for the SNL afterparty and the chocolate brown bodysuit she wore for Christmas with her family.

Fans have a theory about why Kim is wearing a bodysuit

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A Reddit user provides a possible explanation for her new fashion choices, as he writes: “”

Kim filed for divorce from Kane West after getting married in February 2021 for almost seven years.

Reddit users continue:

Reddit users believe that psoriasis may be the cause

“I know she has great resources around her to fix it, but I’ve heard that big flare-ups are very difficult to manage and can even cause scarring. Do you think? “

Twitter fans, on the other hand, couldn’t help but think of the same thing that one wrote.

Another co-owner: “I’m sure Kim Kardashian always wears gloves and completely covers the cause of recent psoriasis.”

Kim wore a chocolate brown bodysuit for Christmas

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As a third addition: “@ Kim Kardashian always looks good, but is her SNL outfit and her Met intriguing me if her psoriasis is so bad? But leave the Queen. “

The NHS describes chronic skin conditions as causing “red, flaky, unfriendly patches of silvery scaled skin.”

Kim was previously open about fighting psoriasis and first talked about it on her sister Courtney’s website. PushShe explained that she had her first flare at the age of 25 after she had a cold.

Kim has been fighting psoriasis since his twenties

She later shared how she accepts her condition as part of who she is as she wrote to her App: “The rash may be itchy or flaky. For a variety of reasons, my rash sometimes burns …

“Scientists are constantly researching and developing new medicines to help treat it, but for now I use topical cortisone ointment every night before bedtime.

“Of course, I always want a cure, but in the meantime I’m learning to accept it as part of myself.”

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Kim Kardashian fans share the theory of why she only wears bodysuits and gloves

Source link Kim Kardashian fans share the theory of why she only wears bodysuits and gloves

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