Kim Kardashian cut a “really funny joke” about Tristan Thompson in SNL’s monologue before “welcome the baby with the trainer”

Kim Kardashian killed it with a bitter solitude that roasted everyone from Caitlyn Jenner to OJ Simpson during a Saturday Night Live hosting appearance.

However, the reality star said she “may have gone further” and admitted that two of the aborted targets were sister Chloe and her ex-Tristan Thompson.


Kim Kardashian makes his Saturday Night Live debutCredits: Saturday Night Live / NBC


Kim says she has abandoned the joke about Tristan and ChloeCredits: Social Media-See Source

She didn’t make a joke, but 41-year-old Kim admits that she received a lot of support from friends and family to attack during the comedy show.

“The whole family was like,’You can do whatever you want,'” Kim said. iD.. “It was a game where everyone was really easy and could do whatever I wanted to do.

“I made a really funny joke about Tristan and Chloe I took out, but I could have gone further. But everyone said,” Use me. Do whatever you want to do. Please. This is your time. ”

“They were down. It was so cool.”

But the relationship between Tristan and Chloe is no longer a laugh after the 30-year-old NBA Baller was revealed to be the father of a personal trainer and son. Marary Nichols After months of secret incidents.

Marary Proceedings for father’s support They claimed to Tristan that they were pregnant with their babies on the night of Tristan’s birthday in March.

Athletes were dating Chloe at the time-although they split after him in June “I spent 30 minutes in the bedroom with three women.” At a “wild” house party.

In his response Marary child support applicationThe Sacramento Kings player admitted to having sex with her “several times” at a hotel in Houston after attending a party together.

Tristan did not deny that he was the father of a boy, but demanded that he complete the paternity test after the birth of the child.

Kim’s monologue

Kim first aimed at himself in the opening monologue, telling viewers that she wanted to be more than just a “pretty face”, but soon shot her sister.

“My sister showed their plastic surgeon because I’m far beyond that reference photo,” she joked.

She then joked that she was running for president and shot Caitlyn Jenner and Kane West.

“So I’m running … I’m kidding, I’m not running for president. I can’t have three failed politicians in my family,” she continued.

Even her father, Robert Kardashian, wasn’t safe after shooting him after reminding the audience that the Kardashian family riot star was a member of the defense team in the 1995 OJ Simpson murder trial. did.

“My dad gave me such influence and inspiration, and I believe he really opened his eyes to racial injustice,” Kim said. “It’s thanks to him that I met the first black man. Want to stab who he was in the dark?”

She then praised and aimed at her Helped her at the beginning of the week Get ready for the show.

“I married the best rapper ever,” continued Kim. “Not only that, he’s the wealthiest black man in America. He’s a talented, legitimate genius who gave me four wonderful children. So when I divorced him, You have to know that it came down to only one thing: his character. “

Special keep salmon

Joking aside, Kim left the show that night with a special souvenir: SNL cast member Pete Davidson.

KUWTK Star and SNL Comic (28 years old) last month they Discovered holding hands at the airport After a vacation in Palm Springs.

E! Stars and comedians were rumored to be dating after meeting during Kim’s hosting debut at SNL in October.

The pair reportedly connected instantly when they rehearsed together with an Aladdin-themed skit that included a special kiss.


Recently, it was revealed that Tristan gave birth to a baby with a personal trainer.Credits: Maralee Nichols / Instagram


Kim’s debut led to finding love with Pete DavidsonCredit: NBC


The relationship between Kim and Pete has been hot since thenCredit: Instagram

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Kim Kardashian cut a “really funny joke” about Tristan Thompson in SNL’s monologue before “welcome the baby with the trainer”

Source link Kim Kardashian cut a “really funny joke” about Tristan Thompson in SNL’s monologue before “welcome the baby with the trainer”

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