Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “avoid each other” on their daughter’s birthday

Kim Kardashian When Kanye West He reportedly “tried to avoid each other” at his daughter’s Chicago 4th birthday party.

Rapper Kanye, 44, blamed the morning for the morning, claiming that he was “not allowed to know” the location of the festival before. Will appear later on an important day, This was also celebrated Kylie JennerBirthday of Stormy’s daughter. It’s February 1st.

When the drama settled down, the producer seemed to have had a great time talking to his family. Kris Jenner Before going home.

Now, one source claims to be a star, and 41-year-old Kim spent most of his time “on the other side of the garden” while celebrating his daughter’s big day.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly “avoid each other” on Chicago’s birthday.

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“Chicago and Stormi had a joint party at Kylie’s Hidden Hills home. It was set to be a wonderful family day that turned into a drama of public ranting about Kanye not being invited.” The source said Sun.

Insiders claimed that Kanye attended the party “like a bat in hell” after driving unsafely. He reportedly looked “healthy” when he talked to family members and played in Chicago.

Sources continued. “There was no scene between him and Kim, but they spent most of the afternoon on the other side of the garden.

Sources said “there was no scene” between them

“He talked to Chris and other family members, but he hadn’t had a deep discussion with Kim yet. He left about an hour later and went home.”

understood!online We asked representatives of both Kim and Kanye for further comments.

He didn’t know where the party was taking place before it was seen in the bash that Kanye claimed in the video.

Kanye claimed he didn’t know where Chicago’s birthday was taking place

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“I’m just saying happy birthday to my daughter. I wasn’t allowed to know where her party was,” Kanye said in a clip. “It’s not legal to say that this is the kind of game being played. It’s really the kind that has had the longest impact on my health and I’m just not playing. This year I’m Dominates the story of.

“I was supposed to record an album in Miami. All my schedule was to be able to take the kids to school, be there for the kids and I’m in their lives It is based on confirming. That is the whole point.

“I have the money to take them so many fathers across America, I speak because they are deliberately taking them out of the house, I say with my voice “This isn’t going to keep happening, this story and it … happened.”

Kanye said “regaining control” in his story

Recently Kanye When he opened the reason for buying a house across from Kim, he said, “It won’t be a gas lamp.”, Continued: “When people are playing games like this, when baby moms are playing games, when grandma is playing games like this, there are people who aren’t in a position to speak out. There are a lot, and it’s like y “I wouldn’t play that way with me.”

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West "avoid each other" on their daughter's birthday

Source link Kim Kardashian and Kanye West "avoid each other" on their daughter's birthday

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