Kim Kardashian admits his daughter Northwest and “suggests her” at the age of eight

Kim Kardashian Confessed her eldest daughter North, 8, “suggest” her more than anyone else.

Recently 41 years old Share the peak with live music every morning in her Christmas houseOpened to all of the law and family, while talking on the podcast Honestly with Bali Weiss Thursday, December 16th.

A television personality who is also the mother of saints, 6-year-olds, Chicago, 3-year-olds, and 2-year-old psalms. Kanye West, She explained her stance in a series of haste questions.

She said: “Who scares me? I was going to say a politician, but they don’t … maybe only my daughter, North.”

Kim Kardashian said her daughter North “suggests” her

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Kim didn’t elaborate on why North threatened her, but early in the chat she called the young man the “twin” of the rapper’s father, Ye.

“Northwest is the daughter of Kanye West. Forget the daughter, she is his twin,” she shared.

Recently, Kim It was allegedly submitted to be legally single after Kanye returned to the stage and begged her.Continued to deal with the North accident of touring the house without the permission of his mother.

Kim Kardashian told North after his eight-year-old daughter did a house tour on a live video of TikTok.
Kim told North Afe that he had a house tour on TikTok’s live video.

During the live, North went to see his mother sitting in bed on the phone. She announced, “Mom, I’m alive!”

Kim then stood up to tell her daughter and said: “No, stop, you are not allowed to live!”

Talk to Bari About the case Kim said, “There are rules in my home. She was really sick about it and apologized to me. And she told me.”

Kim and North have a joint TikTik account. "Managed by adults"
Kim and North have a “adult-managed” joint TikTik account

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She then shared a sweet message to her sister CourtneySon Mason, 12, wrote to her after the event.

Kim explains: .. He will be very in trouble.

“He wrote a cute message to me yesterday.” I don’t want to look down on the north, but I don’t think she should live unless someone is with her. People screen-record her and she Isn’t the right family or something like that. She would regret it like I did, and I did exactly the same. I was always alive and now I said one of the things I said. I regret it, so safety just for her I want to talk to her. “

Fans are accustomed to seeing Kim with a full face of contoured makeup (seen earlier this year)
Kim shared the sweet message his nephew sent to her in the light of the incident

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

“He used to get into such troubles with things like this. He’s so cute that I want to tell her before she says something she shouldn’t say or show. “

“I said,’What would you do if I had just come out of the shower?’ She would have come in, she has no boundaries, so I have to stop it. It was, “Kim added.

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Kim Kardashian admits his daughter Northwest and "suggests her" at the age of eight

Source link Kim Kardashian admits his daughter Northwest and "suggests her" at the age of eight

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