Kim Jong Un lost so much weight that Covid “stopped importing cheese”

Kim Jung Eun’s new look is partly due to the lack of access to his beloved Swiss cheese (Photo: KCNA).

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un seems to have spent a few pounds on a photo recently released by the administration.

The dictator appeared to have a smooth, slim new look at a major ruling party meeting towards the end of the year.

Authorities claimed that Kim was eating less “for the country”, which is tackling a serious food shortage.

Being an overweight dictator in a hungry country doesn’t look great, so he may want to look more like a “people”.

But the harsh border closures of the country corresponding to Covid-19 could prevent Kim from getting his favorite food, so there may be a little more than that.

The tyrant was obsessed with Swiss cheese and ate much of it, at which point he weighed 20 stones and reportedly weighed 20 stones. I became overweight and broke my ankle.

He is also believed to be a big fan of fried chicken, Russian vodka, Hennessy cognac and champagne.

“We know he has a good source, enjoys cheese, is a heavy drinker, and has access to all junk food,” said North Korean expert Dr. Sojin Lim. I told

“But because of these border closures, the way he brought all these foods to North Korea would have been reduced. So he no longer has the same variety.

Officials say Kim is suffering from food shortages and is eating less “for the country” (Photo: Reuters).
Kim is said to have swelled to 20 stones at some point and broke his ankle due to his weight (Photo: Reuters).

“At the same time, he is unable to maintain his appearance as a fat man because people are hungry in the home environment.

“If he keeps that look, it only adds to people’s dissatisfaction, so it could be tactically consistent with that.

Some North Korean defectors have suggested that Kim Il Sung may have intentionally gained weight to look like his bulky grandfather and North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

However, the leader’s restricted access to fatty foods may work in his favor as he seeks to boost morale while his people are hungry.

“He no longer has access to certain foods, but losing weight at the same time does not mean he loses his legacy from his grandfather,” said Lim, senior lecturer and co-director of the University’s Institute for International Korean Studies. Dr. Says Central Lancashire.

He may be working in favor of economic problems and creating an image of a “man of people” who is suffering like any other person (Photo: AP).
Defectives suggested that Kim Il Sung deliberately squeeze his face to achieve the same bulky look as his grandfather Kim Il Sung (Photo: AFP / Getty Images).

“It also tells people,” I’m with you, I’m not taking all this food for myself, I’m like you, I’m suffering too. ” ..

“Because of his personality and worship of publicity, all his images are crafted – nothing natural. Boris Johnson and his hairstyle are not much different from here.

“Kim Jong Un’s appearance isn’t about outside forces, but about the people at home. It’s how he can manage the inside at this point.”

North Korea’s strict “zero-covid” policy can no longer mean luxury imported food for tyrants, but it has a more serious impact on the general public.

East Asian countries have not identified a single case of the virus, but it still blocked the entire city and implemented a “shooting sight” policy at its southern border.

North Korean leaders are wearing shiny trench coats while watching missile tests on Tuesday (Photo: EPA)
It is believed that Kim no longer has the same type of food due to the country’s “zero covid” policy (Photo: AP).

North Korea resumed cross-border rail freight transport between China in November and was desperate to boost its economy.

However, the imported goods are stored in the quarantine facility for 7 days before being distributed to other parts of the country.

Corruption and economic scandals are part of the problem, but also due to the sanctions imposed by the United Nations and the United States in response to North Korea’s nuclear program.

A series of missile tests conducted by the administration earlier this year imposed new sanctions on the United States and urged demanding new sanctions from the United Nations.

However, Dr. Lim suggests that a provocative launch could be a tactic to put the White House on the negotiating table to secure humanitarian aid.

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Kim Jong Un lost so much weight that Covid "stopped importing cheese"

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