Kick It Out admits that Anton Ferdinand did not receive adequate support in the event of racism

Kick It Out accepts a “communication disruption” that means Anton Ferdinand did not receive adequate support during the racist case, but the bigger problem was the flood of complaints he received. It is said to be a lack of ability to cope.

Townsend told Ferdinand that his organization was unable to speak to victims of discrimination during the investigation.

Sanjay Bhandari, Executive Chair of Kick It Out, said: “FA is correct that there is an agreed protocol that allows Kick It Out to provide such support.

Anton Ferdinand aims for header against John Terry

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“Unsurprisingly, this includes provisions designed to maintain the integrity of the evidence and thus maximize the prospect of fair conclusions in the case.

“This was not always clearly understood due to a communication failure on our part. In the future, we will make it completely clear.”

But Bandari added, in his view, there was a much larger problem that needed to be addressed.

“We only have the ability to support 5-6 players or grassroots participants per year. We receive over 500 complaints per year and we know this is just the tip of the iceberg. “He said.

“We need to find a scalable solution to this problem. In professional games, the main welfare obligation lies with the employer’s club.

“We also use the counseling and support services provided by PFA to encourage players to use their support during the investigation. Weekly victim scores at a grassroots level where hatred appears to be widespread. You need to find a solution to. “

Regarding the documentary itself, Bandari said: “The unchanging feelings left to me were one of the deepest grief. The grief over the visible and deep impact of the incident on Anton and his family.

“And, as a game, the sadness that we collectively disappointed him. I hope that the process of creating a documentary will help Anton end this painful episode of his life.”

Anton Ferdinand said during an FA investigation that he “did not feel like a victim.”


He was acquitted in a criminal court, banned in four games and fined £ 220,000.

The FA states: “We fully respect the memory of Anton Ferdinand’s investigation and are saddened by his feelings, which was definitely a difficult time for him.

“Despite the fact that the criminal case failed, our regulatory team swiftly pursued disciplinary action both before and after the criminal case that had to be prioritized.

“Believe in the proceedings against John Terry, they worked hard to ensure that the proceedings submitted to the Disciplinary Commission were filed, properly documented and challenged all relevant witness evidence, and finally. Succeeded in prosecution by the FA Disciplinary Commission.

“Early in the process, we removed John Terry from the captain of England because of the seriousness of the allegations. It did not show his favor and revealed how serious the allegations were.”

Kick It Out admits that Anton Ferdinand did not receive adequate support in the event of racism

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