Khloe Kardashian’s “furious” mother, Kris Jenner, demands that she break her relationship with Tristan Thompson after giving birth to a trainer and a baby.

Khloé Kardashian’s “furious mother”, Kris Jenner, “requests her daughter to wear a tie” with her flirtatious baby dad, Tristan Thompson, after having another child. ..

The NBA star, 30, has a personal trainer, Larry Nichols, and a son.


Kris Jenner is said to be “furious” and wants his daughter, Khloe Kardashian, to break her relationship with Tristan Thompson.Credit: E!


Chloe’s second baby dad is said to have welcomed his personal trainer Larry Nichols and his son.Credits: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

“Chloe was shocked at her heart when she knew,” sources near the stars and her mother told the Sun exclusively.

Sources continued. “Chloe may say that he’s disbanded from spring now, but that’s not all.

“She was actually giving Tristan a” last chance. ” He was being treated and was single and not in trouble. And they were going to see where they were. “

The insider also said, “Her family is furious. She has been left embarrassed again.. They told her she was last humiliated. They say her co-parenting and amicable relationships are great, but it’s too far to come back with him and act like a couple.

“It’s humiliating on so many levels. Kim and Chris aren’t happy with Tristan, and everyone would be surprised if they bring him back to the family. If they do, it’s true. Because of.

“The family is telling her straight that she needs to find self-esteem, and soon.”

The sun is asking for comment.

All this was after it became clear that Tristan was said to be the father of three as a LA-based fitness instructor Marary. Birth reportedly December 5th.

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Family sources Previously told the sun exclusively His second Baby Mamacroe-they share a 3-year-old daughter True-was stunned again, despite many previous fraudulent scandals, because he believed he had finally changed. bottom.

The insider said: “Her loved ones have never seen her so upset and everyone around her is doing her best to support her.

“I was disappointed because her family, of course, wanted to see the last story like this. They love Tristan and feel disappointed and hurt.

“Most of the wounds come from the fact that Chloe was always worried that Tristan would prefer a girl with a different appearance, and this exacerbated those anxieties.

“She’s strong, but it’s hard not to wonder why this keeps happening and why her relationship doesn’t go as smoothly as she wants.”

Sources added, “Tristan told some members of the family to offer his side, and they feel sorry for him, but everything is embarrassing.”

Baby proceedings

Tristan’s third baby mama sued him for child support after claiming to have a baby on the night of his birthday on March 13.

He was dating 37-year-old Chloe at the time, but split after him in June.Spent 30 minutes in the bedroom “With three women” at a “wild” house party.

In his response to Marary Child support applicationThe athlete admitted that he had sex with her “several times” at a hotel in Houston after attending a birthday party together.

Tristan claimed that he knew that encounters would lead to sex, but that they were the only ones who were “intimate.”

However, Marary lawyers claimed that their case began “five months ago” in March.

be quiet?

According to the legal document obtained by TMZ Tristan reportedly Offering $ 75,000 for Marary To stay quiet about their baby.

In the alleged message, the NBA player also claimed to retire and lose his job after this season.

Due to his unemployment, Tristan said he should be required to pay less for child support.

As even former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham commented, the scandal rocked the reality TV landscape.

She previously wrote in her Instagram story: “F ** k Female abuser, f ** k abortion, f ** k @ realtristan13. Get vasectomy WOMANIZERS!

“These poor children! Yes!”

Tristan is also the father of Prince, a four-year-old son of former Jordan Craig.


NBA star Allegerdi offered $ 75,000 to Marary to keep her baby quietCredit: E!


According to one source, Chloe and Chris are “not happy” with Tristan.Credits: Tristan Thompson / Instagram


Chloe and Tristan share a 3-year-old daughter TrueCredit: Mega Agency
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Khloe Kardashian’s “furious” mother, Kris Jenner, demands that she break her relationship with Tristan Thompson after giving birth to a trainer and a baby.

Source link Khloe Kardashian’s “furious” mother, Kris Jenner, demands that she break her relationship with Tristan Thompson after giving birth to a trainer and a baby.

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