Khloe Kardashian posts a tragic quote about “nightmares” and “unfriendly days” after former Tristan Thompson was deceived again

Khloe Kardashian shared another mysterious quote about a “nightmare” in a broken heart against Tristan Thompson’s fraudulent scandal.

Tristan is currently trapped in a court battle with his alleged baby mom, Marary Nichols.


Khloe Kardashian shared a mysterious quote about “strength” in Tristan Thompson’s flirtatious dramaCredit: E!network


The quote was a message to a woman struggling towards the end of 2021Credits: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians shared a quote in her Instagram story.

It seems to be a message to women who are struggling with the end of 2021.

Her post included a reference to “strength and survival,” which seems to be in favor of everything she has recently experienced in Tristan.

The quote says: “I regret that the last few days, weeks and months have been very unfriendly to you for a woman who believed that this year would be a year of peace and true love.

“Sometimes you don’t feel that way, but you’re magic. What happens when a dream decides to fight a nightmare. You’re a symbol of power and survival.”

Chloe’s post continues as follows: “A beautiful moment of life that decided to move on in the fire of hell. I hope you are reading this now. I would like to contact you.

“I know that everything you need all the time lives inside, and you’re always more than enough, even when others decide that you’re overlooking you. I hope you are.

“I hope you’re kind to you next year. I hope you keep fighting for everything you deserve. I don’t think it was easy, but I think you’re stronger than ever.”

The post concludes with: “Thank you for reading this. Be careful, rhSin”.

Chloe didn’t add any additional context to the post, just shared it to the Instagram story.

Santa baby

The post came later Marary share Photo of her newborn A son she claims that Tristan is her father.

In the photo, she was hugging and posing for the boy while the duo wore matching pajamas.

Marary posed on a festive holiday blanket in front of a white Christmas tree.

As her dog (Pomeranian) looked nearby, she stared at her son.

Tristan has not appeared in the picture and has not been involved in the child’s life so far.

He does not require visitation or custody of the boy.

The NBA star also received a major snab from the Kardashian family.

He was omit Of a famous family holiday photo shoot following the news of his incident.

Kim and Chloe each shared a photo of the holiday celebration in their Instagram story.

The pair marked Christmas Eve with pictures of all the children, but did not include the children’s father.

According to sources, Chloe feels “embarrassed” by Tristan’s recent fraudulent scandal.

Off-court battle

Tristan is currently trapped in a legal confrontation with his father and Marary over child support after giving birth on December 1.

A former fitness instructor filed a lawsuit in June seeking financial support from athletes.

She claimed in the filing that she and Tristan had a child pregnant on her March birthday.

Chloe and Tristan had an “exclusive” relationship at the time.

Native Canadians initially claimed that the incident was a one-night-only event, but later confessed that he and Marary had met several times for sex.

Tristan did not deny being the father of her child, but requested paternity testing.

Chloe Called “confused” or “confused” By her original actions.

One source told The Sun: “Upsetting Chloe would be a conservative expression.

“Chloe suspected that Tristan might have stepped into her during Covid, but did not know that he had invited another woman to his home until a legal document was released.

“She considers her whereabouts to be an extension of herself and is regretted now that she learned that the mother of her newborn baby spent there.”


Tristan is currently trapped in a court battle with Marary NicholsCredit: E!network


He wants paternity testing for a child who claims to be a fatherCredits: Instagram / Maralee Nichols


The relationship between Tristan and Marary arose in the relationship with ChloeCredits: Social Media-See Source
Tristan Thompson’s “Baby Mom” ​​Marary Nichols shares a new photo of her son as Khloe Kardashian spends Christmas without him

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Khloe Kardashian posts a tragic quote about “nightmares” and “unfriendly days” after former Tristan Thompson was deceived again

Source link Khloe Kardashian posts a tragic quote about “nightmares” and “unfriendly days” after former Tristan Thompson was deceived again

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